Drinking after a dipper

2021.09.20 01:28 Legitimate_Ear7128 Drinking after a dipper

During a night out on the town, I got really thirsty but didn't have anything to drink. I guess I was visibly parched because my buddy handed me two bottles of water he had been drinking. He chews Redman and spits...A LOT. I won't get sick, will I? Does chew tobacco cause bad breath and leave bad breath residue on food and drinks?
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2021.09.20 01:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Covid-19 coronavirus: Byron Bay anti-vaxxers' sick act as fears region will be 'awash' with Covid cases by Christmas | NZ Herald

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2021.09.20 01:28 airwillflow WWYD?

I plan on running a half (13.1 miles) tomorrow (9/20) in preparation for the NYRR Bronx 10 miler on September 26. I plan on resting until race day. Any advice?
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2021.09.20 01:28 HoraceGrand Can I swap my 6-way heated power seats for the more upscale 8-way power seats? Same connections? 2018 Mazda CX-5

I really miss the seat tilt feature and have found Junkyard seats from the same yours for under $300 will it be a simple swap or are the electronic somehow different?
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2021.09.20 01:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Covid 19 Australia: Victoria records 567 cases, lockdown to end at 70% vaccination | NZ Herald

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2021.09.20 01:28 ThickMud401 Tylopilus alboater (“Black Velvet Bolete”)??

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2021.09.20 01:28 Inner_Narwhal Reddit is cancer

Home to the worst people on earth.
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2021.09.20 01:28 Odd_Difficulty3682 Why did humans develop embarrassment? /

1st part: Why did humans develop embarrassment?

The only thing I can think of is that so we don't make the same mistakes, still confused since in natural selection we only want the good stuff, unless we are unaware embarrassment existed when we proceeded in natural selection? Is it that emotions are something that didn't take place in natural selection?
2nd Part Why is it we physically feel sadness?, why can't we just show it on our faces
Again, I guess because sometimes we may have an illness, so we can detect that? - However surely other body parts are capable in this i.e. higher body temperature, sweating?
3rd Part : Why physically feel emotions at all?
Why didn't we evolve to identify it some other way i.e. temperature, some body colour so forth?
Am I making sense in what I've written?
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2021.09.20 01:28 RetroPancake Half day request

How do I request a half day? I want to take an evening off for an event but I’m not too sure how to request for the times?
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2021.09.20 01:28 ComfortableFresh7697 Come on Mr Action Lab, why you gotta do that to the rock

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2021.09.20 01:28 WrenTronic [WANT] Cemetery Boys by Aiden Thomas

Specifically looking for the Barnes and Noble YA Book Club Edition.
Willing to pay media mail shipping or trade!
Located in the U.S.
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2021.09.20 01:28 Extreme_Bison988 Chicos sugieranme que subir

Chicos sugieranme que subir
View Poll
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2021.09.20 01:28 Mysterious_Tax_1581 19 and down on luck

I'm a 19 year old male with a big heart. I'm making this post because I need a once in a lifetime opportunity that will help me get started on my independence. I need my first car, my first apartment or house, I need help. I will be willing to fly out to work a WELL paying job. Text me at 919-626-1687.
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2021.09.20 01:28 BallisticFiber [PC] H: blood eagle skull lord outfit W: caps

20k caps
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2021.09.20 01:28 pegeleg You can deglaze your pan with okra

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2021.09.20 01:28 jfriend00 Is it normal that some things don't work when running ExpressVPN?

On my Window desktop computer, connected to ExpressVPN, I was using Chrome and attempting to add a new credit card to my Home Depot account so I could buy something online. After adding the info and submitting, it kept failing over and over saying they couldn't get approval from my bank. I disconnected the VPN and then Home Depot happily accepted my credit card.
As I'm new to running with a VPN (I'm on an ExpressVPN 30-day trial), is this normal with a VPN (or with ExpressVPN) that some services don't work and you have to either not use that service or disconnect the VPN? Or, is this a problem with ExpressVPN that other VPNs wouldn't necessarily have?
I had similar problems making a rental car reservation the night before on my laptop when running ExpressVPN. As soon as I disconnected the VPN, the rental car reservation worked just fine.
FYI, both of these computers were connected to the internet through my home router. Many other things work just fine and seem transparent to the VPN, but these two operations would not work properly when using ExpressVPN.
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2021.09.20 01:28 BigMention7624 Day 0

I have finally decided to quit watching porn I will be updating my days here / 0
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2021.09.20 01:28 No_Assumption_3373 SSB: The Hunter and the Pack 8

Got a nice surprise for you all~. though a friend help give some helpful tips to make things more smoothened out. And amusing.
[first] [previous] [next]
When the Interior agent came back to the base in the early dawn, the first place she went to was the medical doctor for her leg. Marines saw the woman limping, a spooked expression on her face as she came alone. There was wondering and confusion of where the other's that came with her went.
Interior agent Indure was rubbing her face, as she was laying down on the medical bed. Letting her leg be healed as Indure was filing a report to the Interior and to get a visual of the destruction of the woods from the orbital bombardment. She actually wanted to feel assured it was gone…
However her expression turned into a confused look, as she felt her tusks going tight as she saw nothing. No smoke, no burning land. Nothing to show of destruction. In Fact the woods look normal, as she was confused. The land should’ve been destroyed, it should’ve been gone...but nothing looks damaged. She was trying to figure out what happened, as it should’ve been turned into craters.
The medical doctor was almost done, as the Heklam was using a device to help speed up the healing injuries. Yet the door slammed open, as a livid Vi’sa was walking in, the Commander coming to the Interior agent on the bed. The Commander gave a quick look as she ordered the medical doctor. “Hurry up on that healing and leave us.”
The Helkam was quick, ensuring the leg was properly healed, before giving a brief salute to the commander and left the medical ward for the privacy of the two Shil. Once Vi’sa glance back to see the door shut, the Commander turn and snapped at Indure. “What in the Sea of Souls, fucking happen!?”
“What do you mean, ‘what happened’?” Spat out Indure as she gave a ire look to the Commander. “Didn’t you see what happens on the marines' cameras?” Knowing that the helmets would’ve allowed the Commander to see what a clusterfuck happened.
Vi’sa let out a snarl as she told angrily. “No, the tech group has been trying to find out what happened!” Getting Indure to look at her with furrow eyes. Looking at the commander who crossed her arms and continued on. “When you all enter in those woods, the communications and visuals of what happened just got corrupted and jammed. We lost all contact. We couldn’t see anything, much less hear anything about what happened. All I know is that you came back with four missing Marines and one Exo gone.”
“So again. What happened?” Demanded Vi’sa.
The Interior gripped her hand tightly as she responded. “I don’t know,” anger and confusion shown in her expression as she told further. “We went in, found movement and dealt with it. It was some wild animals, then some...fucking bitch begin singing somewhere, and Rakiri appeared out of nowhere. Took down the Exo with the pilot inside, with some sort of animals tearing apart the marines. We had to retreat and get to the drop ship.”
Taking a breath in, the agent tried to calm herself as she told to Vi’sa. “I then ordered orbital bombardment,” then raised up her omni-pad to show the screen of the woods. “And there has been no damage. No impact, nothing.”
Vi’sa look over, as she gave a look up to the Interior agent as she asked. “So,what exactly are you saying? Because what you just said was utter nonsense.”
Moving the omni-pad down, as Indure gave a scowl on her expression. “All I know is that we were attacked, marines died, their bodies torn apart by the wild life, and we didn’t even get into the cabin. There’s a force of Rakiri, maybe something else protecting it.” She look to Vi’sa as she asked. “Did you get any more out of him?”
Shaking her head, Vi’sa told. “I had to look into other matters.” Remembering the amount of reports of new troops coming in to help deal with the insurgents here, and in other parts of Russia that were fighting back. She was sure that the Governness was going to keep things shut down as much as she could.
Dismissing with a wave, Indure told. “Regardless, we have a human to question. And we’re going to get answers out of him, one way or another.”
Vi’sa frown, as she said. “And you truly believe he is an insurgent?” She may have assumptions on the man, but he has been quiet since he was brought into the cell. And based on the reports, or list of names given? There was no mention of the man, nor his title of ‘Iron Wolf’. Nobody knew who he was, and the list of names didn’t exist. So they were either fake names, or names he gave out for annoying the Interior woman.
“At this point he might as well be one.” said Indure as she moved to get off the bed and told the Commander. “Go and bring him to the interrogation room. We’ll be getting our answers, one way or another.”
“What do you mean, ‘you don’t know’!?” Nearly screamed out Indure. As she was glaring down at Ringo, who was eating a bowl of gruel as he glanced up. Looking around in the interrogation room he was in again. At this time Commander Vi’sa was standing across with Indure, as he figured the reports the Interior agent gave was unsettling. And judging the spook before him was having her hands on the table, as she held an anger in her eyes.
“You have to be a bit more specific on your question.” told Ringo, as he took another bite of his meal, though she slapped the bowl away onto the ground as there was a clatter. He glanced up to her as he remarked with a raised grin. “I wasn’t finished with that.”
Vi’sa furrowed her brows as she repeated. “We want to know why there were Rakiris attacking the group sent. All of the troops we had were stationed here or in other bases. How did you get them to turn against the Empire?”
“Well, I don’t know.” Shrugged Ringo, though he was telling the truth, as he didn’t have any Rakiri. Which was making both women irritated, especially Indure as she glared down at him as he leaned back in his spot and said. “Though it sounds like your Empire isn’t that great it seems for people to stick around in it.”
“What are you hiding!” Demanded the Shil’vati Interior. “We know you had something hidden in your cabin. What were those things that attacked us? What did you use to jam our signals from the base and Control!? Where did you get the technology to stop orbital bombardment!” She grabbed him by his leather coat and held him up as she screamed. “Answer me Brotherfucker!”
Ringo stared at her, as she was trying to intimidate him, trying to make him talk. Vi’sa paused as she saw Indure actually freaking out, which was a rare sight to see from an Interior agent.
He laughed in her face, as cackle and laughed as she slammed him down onto the table. He grunted from his back feeling the steel table, but laughed even further as he said. “Wow! You’re terrified!” laughing all the more harder, as he said. “What you saw in my woods spooked you so badly.”
“It didn’t.” denied the woman as she let go of him, and as he was moving to get up, she punched him in the face as hard as she could. Vi’sa look in shock of what Indure did, punching the man so suddenly and without a chance of him even noticing it. Yet Indure didn’t care as told to him. “I am Indure of the Go’vdu family. I can’t be terrified. There is always an explanation to things.” going onto threat. “And you will tell me, or there will be consequences.”
Ringo shook his head a bit, as he was sure he felt blood coming down his nose as she likely broke it. But he moved to rub it, before moving both of his hands to try to fix it back in place. There was a low crack, as Ringo looked at her as he asked. “Oh, and what are you going to do? Beat the living shit out of me, see how long till I crack?”
“I’m tempted to.” said Indure as she glared down at him as she raised her fist and slammed it against his face, bringing him down as she kept slamming her fists and kicking him. “You’re going to break human, but we won’t kill you. We’ll just see how long it lasts until you give in.” Giving a few more punches and kicks.
Though Ringo grunted and let her keep punching and kicking him. Feeling every hit against his body, as he played along as the ‘stupid and confident’ human. Since they had no idea what he was. Though as he was laying on the ground, he gave a cough and looked up with a bloody grin of teeth as he said. “Wow...you are just enjoying being a sadistic bitch….right now…”
Coughing in amusement as he added. “How does it feel, despite holding all the power...you still shit yourself scared when facing something terrifying?” Ringo looked up at her, with a shit eating grin as she let out an enraged scream and kicked him down in the face as he let out a stiff sound.
Vi’sa moved up and grabbed a hand onto Indure's shoulder. “Stop it! You kicked him hard enough!” pulling the Shil’vati back as Vi’sa told. “Go and take a breather.” The Interior turned to glare at her, as Vi’sa glared back and told. “You put him down and if you kick him even further, you might kill him.”
Taking deep breaths in, the Interior agent looks down at her bloody boots, before turning to walk off. Leaving Vi’sa to look at the coughing, but grinning man as he was slowly getting up. She frowned as she activated her comms and order. “Someone get the human to be medically treated and put him back in the cell.”
“I want...to give you a message.” said Ringo, as he looked up at her as he sat up a bit, his left eye swollen shut, face bleeding a bit, and moving an arm around his stomach. The commander looks down with a frown, as her eyes look at him in confusion. Ringo looked up to the long blue hair woman, as he said. “If you all...stay out of my woods, my territory….leave me be? I won’t be a bother to you a lot. Or your Empire. All I want...is to be left alone.”
Though he did amend. “Maybe get in a relationship with some of those Rakiri gals, like Srona. They do look hot.”
Vi’sa scrunched her expression as she said. “You aren’t in a position to make any deals.” though she internally marked that he was attracted to the pilots, and specifically Rakiri. A shame, but...it could be used to her advantage as an idea was forming in her head.
Ringo let out a low laugh, as he looked at her, smiling wide even as his teeth were showing red. “Oh I am, I may not seem much...but the reason I haven’t done anything is because I’m playing nice. If I really wanted to? I would’ve broken out, killed as many marines here-- and left. But I haven’t, because I’m seeing the bigger picture.” The door opened up as two Shil marines saw the sight of Ringo, seeing the sight as they grimaced.
Though as the two went around the commander and brought him up slowly on either side of his arms, Ringo said. “Think about it. It's better to have me as a passive bystander...than an actual threat.”
“Again, you aren’t in any position to make a deal,” told Vi’sa, as she saw him being carried out.
However he told her in confidence. “You got a week to consider it. Which is generous.” And was ‘escorted’. Vi’sa shook her head, as she began to walk out, closing the door to the interrogation room as she headed to her office. As she considered her thoughts, it was becoming apparent that Vi’sa nor Indure were able to get answers out of him, nor would be able to with his defiant nature.
But if she had someone like Srona, or her group that he is more familiar with? Well, perhaps they can pry open the secrets of the man. Who he was, if he was just a hunter living off the land, or an insurgent. As she walked into her office and settled down, activating her omni-pad as she spoke. “Pilot Rona 1 Srona, Pilot Rona 2, Re’ta. Pilot Rona 3 and four, Reni and Rani. Report to my office at once. I have a new assignment for you.”
Ringo sat there in place, as he had to settle on the examination bed as the doctor was using a device to check him over. Through the doctor, which was a ‘Helkam’, or a lizard person. Looking over his wounds and as the doctor was looking him over? He asked Rez through his connection. Are we going to have a problem once they notice how unusual my energy is?
“I may need to examine it...but I think you might be fine. As far as I can gather, they aren’t really...advanced in that regard. At least to detect your energy or our link. Just keep still alright? And let them heal you, no need for them to be suspicious.” said Rez, as she added. “Though I feel like you were bluffing with that whole ‘give it a week’ thing you made.”
Eh….not really. Remember all those favors I got? I was planning on using a few to get the point across. Said Ringo, as the Helkam cleared her throat as she spoke through the translator as he heard Russian.
“Finished examining, nothing too broken. But I will give you something to speed recovery.” she turned to grab something as she placed the device on a table. With her back turned as she was looking for it. She thought over the scans she got. The body showed a bit of injuries, mostly bruises and a bit of swelling on his body with his face. But he should be alright after being given a shot.
She however didn’t notice him taking the device and checking it over. Seeming to work over the scanning device, though, when she filled in a needle with green liquid which was to help accelerate the healing properties of the male. The doctor had to admit that despite the injuries he got, he didn’t cry or was in agonizing pain. He was actually brave despite the injuries he got.
When she turned back with the syringe in hand, seeing him back in his place as the device was in a different position on the table. She furrowed her brows, as she was trying to recall if it was in that position. But she shook it off as she told him. “Open up your sleeve. This will help accelerate your healing.”
“Uh, no thanks.” started Ringo as he got off the bed and was standing. “I feel fine, and I don’t need anything right now.” Heklam frowned as she raised the needle and said.
“This can accelerate your healing.” taking a step up, as Ringo was slowly heading to the door.
“Yeah…..I don’t trust the medicine.” She gave a contemplative look as the doctor said.
“I was given orders to help heal you, and your face needs to be restored.” She continued on to say. “Empire medicine is strong, and you will be better within a few hours.”
“Well….” started off Ringo.
“Oh right I forgot...you don’t like needles.” said Rez in thoughtfulness. “Well, this is going to be a problem.”
The doctor gave a look, and he looked back, with a stare off as he reached to grab his helmet. There was a brief silence, until he seemed to ‘see’ something as he shouted with a pointed finger behind her. “Look at a naked man!” the Heklam turned her head in shock, as he rushed to the door with a “YEET!” Moving to put his helmet back on as he ran out of the medical ward.
“Did you just seriously do that?!” shouted Rez as she further asked. “Where are you going? You're in a highly secured base!”
“Anywhere but there!” told Ringo, as he took a harsh left around a corner. Seeing two Shil’vati woman out in uniform and were wearing skin tight suits as they look at him, and the man in turn didn’t stop running.
One of the Shil’vati shouted in Shil. “what are you doing?”
“Fuck you Shil, nobody putting a needle in me!” moving to slide between one of the Shil’vati legs as the woman looks surprised at his action. The two turn to see him getting up on his feet, with his red cloak moving behind him.
The base comms open up, as everyone in the base heard the Commander Vi’sa voice shouted. “Apprehend the running human! He’s loose!” the two shil look to the other, before turning to chase after him.
Any help Rez? Asked Ringo as he began to run even faster, though in response, music began to play in the background, as loudspeakers everywhere in the base began to play. NOT FUNNY REZ! Running even faster, as he saw at least four Shil’vati coming down the hall as he was pushing himself faster. Seeing them go right at him as he made a jump to the wall and wall run over the four. Their heads looked up in shock as he ran over them, before he landed down in a roll with a quick step up to keep up the momentum.
And Ringo had to move in a random direction, going around in the base avoiding Shil mostly as he was just going random. As he was just avoiding the big purple woman, at this point he was doing it just to avoid them. He wasn’t in any real danger, and if he was honest? It was kinda funny for him to see these big buffed women, having trouble catching up to him.
Seeing a few stopping to catch their breath, other's leaning on walls. It was utterly hilarious, and Ringo began to consider just keeping up the chase. Let them work themselves out tiredly as he wasn’t losing any breath. Though he was utterly lost and had no idea where he was at. When he made a quick turn around, he saw Srona with two other Rakiri behind her as they were in a rush to reach him when they spotted the man. Curious about the two, he made a slow stop and came to a full stop and stood there.
When Srona moved to a slow stop just a few feet from him, she let out a low breath and spoke in english. “By the Dirt Mother-- what did you do?”
“Nothing, I didn’t want to get a needle shot and left.” answered Ringo, as he asked. “So, who are twins?” giving a look at the identical twins as they look nearly the same down in looks and body shape.
“I’m Reni.” said the left Rakiri with a slight grin through her translator.
“I’m Rani.” add on the right Rakiri as she tilts her head and asks with her own translator. “Are you interested in Srona?” as she asked further. “Interested in having a pack with other's?”
“Yes, yes I am.” responds Ringo without shame as he grins under his helmet. Seeing the two wag their tails as he continues on. “So, are you three free right now?”
Srona let out a low huff as she said. “We aren’t. We were told to bring you to your cell as quickly as possible.” and gave him a look over and asked with a frown. “Are we going to have a problem Ringo?” she was hoping that he wouldn’t cause her or the two problems, as it would make this all the more harder.
“Well, since I’m being escorted by three gorgeous Rakiri? I say...no.” answered Ringo as he began to walk up to Srona and raised his wrists up to be bound. “Take me away, you smexy wolves.” told Ringo in a flirtatious tone. All three blushed under their furs, as Srona cleared her throat and moved to cuff his wrists. Moving to direct him as he walked without a complaint.
He glanced up to the three, as he asked curiously. “Got to ask, what are you three doing here anyway? I thought you were off flying in your ships?”
“We got a new mission.” said Reni as her tail gave a slight wagging.
“We’re guarding and observing you.” told Rani with her own smile. “Commander decided that our pod would be watching over you, since you seem more welcome to us than her or the Interior stuck up.”
“That is true.” agreed Ringo, but asked curiously. “Is Re’ta part of this ‘watch the human’ as well?”
“She is.” answered Srona with a nod. “But she’s currently occupied with recon.” Ringo hummed, as he wonder what sort of recon the Shil’vati was doing.
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2021.09.20 01:28 NewsElfForEnterprise I’m an RD, and Here’s Why Lemons Are One of the Best Foods to Eat for Longevity

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2021.09.20 01:28 angry-buddhist [WTS] EoTech 512.A65 and Larue QD LT110 Mount (CA)

Zero salt EoTech 512 w/ inspection date of 5/12/21 with new Larue LT110 mount to raise that baby up to lower 1/3. EoTech sat on a rifle in the safe for a couple weeks and was taken off. Comes with box, paperwork, batteries and smaller mounting screw. Larue mount was just purchased ($166 now!) and only left the bag to take these pics. Zero salt on either items.
$470 set
$350 EoTech 512
$135 Larue LT110 (QD)

Prices shipped f&f only. House rules on g&s and notes.
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2021.09.20 01:28 Suven38123 Kann jemand sie mir rp mit Bilder oder jemand anderes dm me

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2021.09.20 01:28 gurrimandy Gargoyle Sox - Serpents Circle [deathrock 1986]

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2021.09.20 01:28 laureezyforeezy bona fide b sides: aka some lesser known tracks pretty much all from the 60s/70s, mostly classic rock. I’ll be adding more to this over time :)

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2021.09.20 01:28 Tyrantes Should I buy the Logitech G920 wheel when FH5 drops or do you recommend to save for another more expensive wheel?

I'm not super competitive but I do play for hundreds of hours. So I don't know what to do. Any help is appreciated.
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2021.09.20 01:28 curious-mind-777 What show is this image from?

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