limerence (by moi, baseado numa m繳sica do Yves Tumor)

2021.09.20 00:08 fleurscaptives limerence (by moi, baseado numa m繳sica do Yves Tumor)

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2021.09.20 00:08 Carry-Extra More Americans struggling to put food on the table after federal benefits end

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2021.09.20 00:08 ContentForager 1 (/r/Kappa)

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2021.09.20 00:08 Old-Mathematician-28 Ps4 need 1 for pro am 3s dont need to be sweaty

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2021.09.20 00:08 Pips654 Buckle up boys its going to be long season (but paradoxically end short) if our O-line, D-line, DBs, RB keep playing like their playing.

Yep that about sums up this post.oh wait I forgot to include the OC and DC and all the other coaches who can take a contender and make them look like the Houston Texans should look like this season.
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2021.09.20 00:08 MTLTolkien How do you believe Shore and McCreary will share duties?

- episode to episode?
- Race by race?
- Setting vs characters?
- Or will one write the music and the other score?
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2021.09.20 00:08 eggbulb3 cursed_career

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2021.09.20 00:08 razorhunter5 Gothic 2- the movie (German language)

Hey guys, i simply wanted to share a new two and a half hour long fanmade video of the Gothic 2 storyline, its in german language but theres a ton of work involved and a lot of own creative ideas. Check it out if you havent yet its quite new, 2 weeks ago it released.
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2021.09.20 00:08 Ericthedoc This is Outrageous

Is there a downloadable recording of Jez masterpiece This is Outrageous?
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2021.09.20 00:08 awkwardrunner11 Any advice on what type of winter clothes would work for a tall guy like me? I suck at buying clothes 必

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2021.09.20 00:08 Illithrra Thinking of changing flats in my accommodation if possible

So I just moved in 2 days ago and the room is great other than a stain on the floor. Only issue is it's on the 5th floor and the lift has been broken since march according to one of my flatmates. Also the freezer is a bit dodgy but is functioning and the hallway lights in the flat aren't working. I do get along with my flatmates though and do not want to risk moving in with ones I wouldn't. Do you think it's worth asking for a change?
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2021.09.20 00:08 DualFont What were they playing on the clock tower at 6:00 pm?

Some classical tune that I cant remember the name of and its really annoying me!
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2021.09.20 00:08 AspiringBiotech Ive Been Single for Like Two Years Now. I Dont Understand Why I Only Ever Get Initial Interest, for the Most Part

The smiling. The joking. The flirting. Then nothing but hey and a friendly wave. Is it me? Its probably me. I overthink and get moody at times and I feel like people can tell when Im down. Still, youd think many women would understand and accept someone despite that, right?
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2021.09.20 00:08 LogicDog I want this to be true.

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2021.09.20 00:08 tiff-the-dip Fresh faced & relaxation fill my Sunday's! [F42]

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2021.09.20 00:08 observer32 What musician or composer throughout history would you most want music lessons from?

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2021.09.20 00:08 Ary-Reborn 堛堿堭 堛 堛媔: 堶媯堜 堧堻堥媢 塈堛 堧堥塈媟 媯堭

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2021.09.20 00:08 Maleficent_Oven9255 Creating three nested dictionaries from a text file

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2021.09.20 00:08 AstroMilo Can I get banned for having a duplicated item in my inventory even if Im not the one who duplicated it?

Im not a duper but Im wondering
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2021.09.20 00:08 USATodayTomorrow Why am I so bitter about people buying my parents house?

My parents are selling their house and Im really upset about it. This is my childhood home and have so many amazing memories there. Im now grown (25) and moved out 3 years ago but still very much consider it home and know I could turn up any time of day and be welcomed. Im not vocalising my thoughts to my parents as I can see theyre excited for the move and I want to be supportive but I keep finding myself tearing up when I think about it - I can understand this and presume Im just sad to say goodbye. Whats really confusing me is my resentment towards the buyers. This house is a very grand home and has sold for a large price, but the buyers are a couple who are my age. I dont know anything about them or their financial situation but Im really bitter towards the idea of somebody my age buying my parents home and moving into our house. I openly admit that there has to be an element of jealousy, I couldnt afford to buy it. I also wonder if theres some territorial issue, I dont want another girl in the house that I still consider my home. How do I overcome these negative thoughts?
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2021.09.20 00:08 squareskin Question on IG Boosts. All support is appreciated!

Hey there! I have made a new page for my very small business and have been using the boost, promote, and ad center options. What seems odd with this is that none of the likes that pop up in the notifications actually get sent to the real post but yet are hidden within the ad. I know the end goal is conversions and likes are a vanity metric, but it is disheartening to spend a lot of money on ADs just to have the resulting likes not appear on the post. Does anyone have any recommendations or suggestions? Why are the likes not showing up and what would you do?
Thank you in advance!
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2021.09.20 00:08 boolishness Do you think more people would become doctors if medical school was free?

Same curriculum, entirely paid for.
View Poll
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2021.09.20 00:08 cephaszach [Hire ME] Need help with your paper (s) ? Please feel free to reach out via the following platforms: Discord: cephaszach#3657 OR Email: I'll be at your beck and call.

Up-front payment will only be paid after delivery of a good draft (reasonable length & top-tier quality). I guarantee the following:
- Quality papers ( well-researched, plagiarism-free, and void of grammatical errors)
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P.S: Vouches and Samples will be presented upon request.
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2021.09.20 00:08 Cyrus260 Prologue: The end and The Beginning - Chapter 1 - Tired_Alchemist

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2021.09.20 00:08 SoftMaterial8200 8034 2843 0300 AZELF!

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