H:aaeghost hm ,qeghost hm W: best offers prefer heavy weapons or other commando

2021.09.20 00:32 CrypticVoidX8303 H:aaeghost hm ,qeghost hm W: best offers prefer heavy weapons or other commando

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2021.09.20 00:32 the1journalist Help with living room awkward size.

Hi all! Moved into a new apartment with my girlfriend and we are having trouble figuring out what to do with the living room. See link for a few photos of the unit, different set ups, and dimensions.
I love the window view adjacent to the larger wall, and the larger wall looks better with the TV, however floating the coach that direction puts the couch right in the way of the sliding doors. The space behind the couch feels useless too.
Going the other way (couch facing the fireplace) makes the most sense and it's how we have set up the room, but something seems off! The living room is too long to put the couch against one wall and the tv on the other as well. Lastly, Im not a fan of the TV above the fire place due to the viewing angle.
We would also love to fit some sort of accent chair.
Any thoughts? Would love your ideas!
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2021.09.20 00:32 Mershima I accidentally beat Ozma for the first time today while showing my friend FFIX

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2021.09.20 00:32 mystikspiral72 It's a good thing they're getting dinner soon or I may perish.

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2021.09.20 00:32 Fastt-math If I get a lot of up thingies I will color doom slayer armor (by me)

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2021.09.20 00:32 realtokyolondon Made these last week I believe, if Eva characters had twitter

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2021.09.20 00:32 yung-Amaterasu Can Obito Uchiha be countered?

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2021.09.20 00:32 UpsetShape3783 Looking for a manager! I have an average of 155 slp/day can grind 4-6 hours. Currently I Don't have an axie account to play and not a scholar. Tyty

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2021.09.20 00:32 Thorncool Just a stellaris-4chan shitpost

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2021.09.20 00:32 angelsinner999 April 2021 QAS Calc #25, can someone explain?

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2021.09.20 00:32 tanneruwu A weekend con with the boys

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2021.09.20 00:32 UKHHH Ocean Wisdom - Revvin' Feat. Dizzee Rascal (OFFICIAL VIDEO) (Prod. Muckaniks)

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2021.09.20 00:32 Badisracisim Star's got DRIP

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2021.09.20 00:32 -shadowball- Should I prioritize a funeral, or my college classes?

This is an issue that’s putting me through a lot of anguish, and as far as I can tell there isn’t a good solution.
My boyfriend of (almost) 5 years’ grandma’s funeral is on Tuesday. The time directly coincides with when my last class of the day is over; but the issue is that I haven’t been to class in two weeks because of getting sick for the first week and then a possible transition case in my Monday class the next.
I was planning on staying late to catch up on all the stuff I’ve missed because it’s a language class, but I’m severely beating myself up as his grandma was the only person in his family who has unconditionally loved me and treated me like family. I feel horrible not going, but I can’t afford to miss another class, especially with the possibility of being dropped thrown my way.
Should I skip the class? Put off catching up on work til Thursday? Leave early? I have no idea what to do. This is killing me inside and as I see it, there’s no way out of this that works in my favor.
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2021.09.20 00:32 wiwatch Cimarron "Man With No Name" 38 special.

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2021.09.20 00:32 Vico1725 On the third and final version of Albert Camus' The Plague, 1945-1947 (and how Camus' questioning the legitimacy of political violence in the post-war world finally circumscribes the symbol of the plague)

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2021.09.20 00:32 Stock-Ad-8951 Not a Dead Horse.............

At Dawn We Ride!
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2021.09.20 00:32 Dragoon_Unleashed War of the Destroyers 1: Desesperate measures. (RIP fanfic flair)

Lakitu: As we see, the military is placing a nuclear bomb in front of the castle as a safety method to destroy the USB shaped ship, since all other methods such as gunfire, missiles, vehicle ramming and rock throwing haven't worked. we do not know the Princess view on this method, as it threatens her castle not like it didn't usually explode anyways. we'll report later with more news.
Bowser: So really it's back, isn't it?
E. Gadd: For how long that abomination has been on this universe?
Bowser: For over a decade at least... it'll tank the nuke, no?
E. Gadd: I fear that.
The professor and the King were at the latter's castle watching the news on the throne room, just after being freed from Zero thanks to Mario, SMG4 and Axol. as the mangaka was dropped unconcious from the USB. E. Gadd came up with a backup plan, one too dangerous and risky but that would prove effective if things went right, and Bowser was a vital piece.
Bowser: So this "plan" of yours... why me?
E. Gadd: Your natural abilities and knowledge on this subject is what drove me to seek your help, you see, if our universe is endangered by this Zero... i have considered creating a new Ztar to fight Zero if the worst scenario occurs.
The Koopa King let a burst of fire out of his mouth in shock.
Bowser: SAY WHAT?!
E. Gadd: Yes, i know this is incredibly desesperate.
Bowser: Desesperate?! the last time a Ztar was created only disaster followed, and only because a random Toad was lurking in my castle at the time things didn't get worse!
E. Gadd: Why was there a Toad lurking in the castle of King Koopa?
Bowser: First, THAT NAME IS NOT FUCKING CANNON, second, those were wilder times, Toads screamed a lot, we were lower-poly, i used to hump things... well, half the world used to do anyways.
E. Gadd: I'm not done explaining, my plan consists of using a Jumbo Star wich i know you have...
Bowser: How did you know about that?
E. Gadd: This place emanates an incredible star energy that every single intelligence organism that can afford it in the world keeps track of, and it comes from only one star located in this castle.
Bowser: Oh.
E. Gadd: And... and...
Bowser: Aaand?
E. Gadd: Look, taking into account how the Ztar and the Good Star behaved with their added subject when being created...
In the distant past...
Ztar: I have finally taken over the body of this mo- HEY WHATTA YA DOING?!
Past Bowser: [Very manly screams]
Good Star: You really know how to keep a girl waiting~
Past Bowser: Did i miss anything? WHAT THE FU-?!
Present Bowser: Thanks i now have to erase those images from my head again.
E. Gadd: I thought the best subject to fuse at hand would be... you.
Bowser: ... Hmmm... yes yes... i now give you 10 seconds to convince me to not roast your ass right now.
E. Gadd: What?!
Bowser: Ten, nine...
E. Gadd: I believe your cooperation can make the Ztar more docile and controlled while facing Zero as i pointed out earlier, besides, you have things to live for, isn't it? if you could save them, would you accept this proposition?
Bowser: Hmpf...
E. Gadd: Nothing?
Iggy: Bitch i have the good shit, look at this Fortnite Battle Pass.
E. Gadd: Are you sure about that?
Jr.: Dad, please!
Bowser: OKAY OKAY!!
Jr.: Thanks papa!
E. Gadd: You were talking to me or him?
Bowser: Yes.
E. Gadd: Ok. but i need to know a couple of things: how can i keep control of that thing without going on a rampage, and will there be a way to turn back?
E. Gadd: I could modify the machine to take the appareance of the second subject, rather than having another face show up every once in a while.
Bowser: So i'm the host?
E. Gadd: In Bowser terms, yeah, that should allow you to keep the Ztar in line enough.
Bowser: Hmpf, and what about the turn back?
E. Gadd: ... That's something i cannot guarantee.
It took Bowser some moments, for one side he could be the ace card to defeat Zero if things spiral out of hand and ensure a future for his children and everyone else, but for other side: it was the god damn Ztar, even if Bowser was the dominant personality and host the thing would carve it's way out to wreck havoc and go on a carnage, and since it was a Jumbo Star the risk was higher than ever.
Bowser: So, if i there's no guarantee that i can return to my normal self, what will we do then? you can't tell me you're having this extremely desesperate and fucktarded plan without a safeguard right?
E. Gadd: I could throw you to another dimension just like what happened to the original Ztar and ensure you never get to harm anyone, but the problem is that you'll be stranded forever to where the machine sends you.
Bowser: God dammit.
Great, now his choices were:

It took him half a minute to think about it, dammit, all options were too ambiguous and full of risks that could not be worth it... but if the gang fails, what chance there is to stop that monstrosity?
Bowser: Fine, if things go wrong i'll do it, but you better work on something if it happens, or else i'll probably agree with the murderstar to kill you first.
E. Gadd. No promises are made [gulp], now show me the star so i can begin working on the thing.
Bowser: Follow me.
They descended onto the basement, in the deepest part of it there was a hole.
E. Gadd: Where are we goOOOAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!
Bowser kicked E. Gadd down the hole and followed by jumping down. they arrived in a arena of black and green, with purple dark skies surrounding it. E. Gadd was stabilized during the fall without suffering any sort of damage.
E. Gadd: Holy shit i'm alive, thank the heavens for-
The professor jumped foward to avoid the koopa crashing onto the floor.
Bowser: Aaahhh~ this place brings so many memories! the fights, the asskicking, the shenanigans! the simple life! it's been a while since i've been last here.
E. Gadd: Are you listening to... oh screw it, where's the Star?
The King pressed a convenient button, making the big star pop from the ground, then the blueprints for the machine used years ago were handed to E. Gadd.
Bowser: There ya go!
E. Gadd: Ok, i hope you have everything to help me build this.
Bowser: Hehe! Hammer Bros!
A duo of turtles appeared on the platform.
Hammer Bro 1: What is it my king?
Bowser: If the good professor asks for anything, help him with it!
Hammer Bro 2: Yes sir!
E. Gadd: Why are you lending me some of your troops?
Bowser: I want to spend some time with my kids, if this goes wrong...
E. Gadd: Understandable, have a good day.
Bowser: I'll be back soon.
As the King Kooper left (somehow) and waved goodbye to his men and the professor, these two turned to look at E. Gadd, pulling out their hammers.
HB1: What do you have me do?
E. Gadd: I need some panels, circuits, and a nohablíasípasteroconchetumaremariconsapomonoperrojaligualamecamellopendejoculiaopelantovichchupalasapalaperraputaconmocotopomoricoentegunriguconlosguarenetanmarcaquetienenchanchitotierralaperraconchetumaretemeotesecotebuscolamealapichulasueltatantenteraarribadelaestatuadelalibertadcochinoconchetumarehijodelaputa to start.
HB2: Noted, noted and... a focken wat?
HB2: ... I'm not paid enought for this.
HB1: We get paid?
On the Koopa Keep above, Bowser created a Discord chat with his children, he had a special anouncement not involving Shadow being a bitch-ass motherfucker.
PapaKoopa777: Hi kids.
SteRoyd: Hey daddy!
NotThatJr: Oh god he knows how to use Discord, please don't post any video of yours on #general
Gwyndolyn: Bitch you fucked up my manicure with the ringtone.
TheRealJr: What do you want dad?
PapaKoopa777: I'm challening you all to a Mario Kart tournament.
TortlBethooven: Dearest father, why is that you come up with such a challenge all out of the sudden?
PapaKoopa777: I just want to do something with you, spend some time.
LarryBaddy: And what do we get if we win?
PapaKoopa777: A latest generation Mechakoopa with a integrated chicken nugget dispensor.
Several people are typing...
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2021.09.20 00:32 fenugurod Best trading platform for macOS in Europe?

I'm starting on day trading and I'm looking for a good trading platform for macOS in Europe. What are my options?
I created an account with Interactive Brokers and the Trader Workstation is far from what I got used to when I was trading in Brazil with Nelogica Profit Pro. There is anything more user-friendly and powerful/featureful?
If there is really no good alternative for macOS, there is anything for Windows? I may get a Windows PC and use RDP to trade.
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2021.09.20 00:32 Berrybrains3 KnitFinance forms Staking partnership with Stakin, a devoted validation service provider for Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks.

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2021.09.20 00:32 TommyPum_Kr I’m curious which one!?

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2021.09.20 00:32 Adore_sole Haitian women >

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2021.09.20 00:32 sBroz410 They’re just laughing mangos

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2021.09.20 00:32 owahthray42069 I wAnT tO bE sOuNd

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2021.09.20 00:32 Novalcia How do I reduce video file size when recording using Game Bar?

I want to record my classes and I like recording with Game Bar since I just have to press Win+Alt+R without having to open anything. But the resulting videos are too big. A 15 min video takes up 1GB of space.
I used OBS for 30secs and it used up 4MB which is still big in my opinion.
I already set the frame rate to 30fps and the quality to Standard in the settings. Does anyone know how to reduce the file size?
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