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Norm Macdonald Talks About God

2021.09.20 02:01 VernonFrinz Norm Macdonald Talks About God

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2021.09.20 02:01 DJCowGaming Any good syntax challenge resources?

So my friend wanted me to teach him how to code, so I've been teaching him Java. I'm a terrible teacher, I have never been able to explain things so that people can understand them, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any resources (little syntax challenges) which he could do to practice.
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2021.09.20 02:01 G93X Thoughts on this?

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2021.09.20 02:01 cows25 US West Coast Trip - seeking suggestions.

Hello all, I’m looking to take a vacation with my girlfriend either this December or March of next year and am looking for suggestions of where to visit. I know places are very different in December than in March but we are college students and these are the only times we have off. For reference, we are both from southern California and are 21 years old. We’d prefer to stick to the west coast for now so that travel time is minimized. That being said, we would only be able to visit for about a week. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
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2021.09.20 02:01 NoVowelsBot Wht s rlly bttr thn sx?

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2021.09.20 02:01 cloudz_69 Alright guys, guess this one.

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2021.09.20 02:01 Lolett69 Dex and Str potential

Do they have the same potential? Can they be switched? Like A11Str10 instead of A11D10?
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2021.09.20 02:01 Darth_Monkey Woman gives birth in Uber on way to hospital

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2021.09.20 02:01 clmdd The perfect FFM…

…for me would be an AirTouch F30i but with nasal pillows instead of the nasal cradle. Anyone else?
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2021.09.20 02:01 Nerdinlaw [Homemade] Spaghetti and Meatballs

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2021.09.20 02:01 scrubling Dell precision 5540 unable to output dual 1440p @120hz using the Dell WD19TB when connected to laptops thunderbolt 3 port.

My Dell WD19TB came today and it seems to only be able to output 1440p @ 100hz on one display and 1440p @ 60hz on my second display
Also, I can only get 1440p working on both displays when one display is connected through Display Port on the hub and the other display is connected through the docks HDMI port, if I connect both through display port I can only output 1440p on one and 1080p on the other.
Any suggestions on how I can try to get both displays outputting 1440p @ 120hz?
• Laptop: Dell Precision 5540 (thunderbolt bolt 3, supports DP 1.2 over Intel UHD 630) • monitor 1: Asus XG27AQM • monitor 2: Asus VG27AQ
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2021.09.20 02:01 Cynderaquil Barnes and Noble Haul. NSFW for Our Teachers are Dating.

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2021.09.20 02:01 MatchCaster [Post-Match thread] Philadelphia Union 3 - 1 Orlando City SC

Click here for the Match thread
(Major League Soccer - 2021/2022) Philadelphia Union 3-1 Orlando City SC Match Stats
Philadelphia Union 3 - 1 Orlando City SC
0 Ball Possession 0
0 Total Shots 0
0 Shots On Target 0
0 Shots Off Target 0
0 Blocked Shots 0
0 Shots Inside Box 0
0 Shots Outside Box 0
0 Corner Kicks 0
0 Offsides 0
0 Fouls 0
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
0 Goalkeeper Saves 0
0 Passes 0
0 (0) Accurate Passes 0 (0)
Match events 0' KICKOFF!
20' Substitution for Orlando City SC
33' Yellow Card for R. Schlegel (Orlando City SC)
37' GOAL! Scored by K. Wagner (Philadelphia Union)
53' Yellow Card for L. Flach (Philadelphia Union)
57' GOAL! Scored by Ruan (Orlando City SC)
58' Substitution: D. Gazdag for C. Burke (Philadelphia Union)
59' Yellow Card for Ruan (Orlando City SC)
61' GOAL! Scored by K. Przybyłko (Philadelphia Union)
65' Substitution: Sergio Santos for A. Bedoya (Philadelphia Union)
67' Substitution: D. Dike for T. Akindele (Orlando City SC)
68' Substitution: Bragança for K. Smith (Orlando City SC)
75' Yellow Card for B. Michel (Orlando City SC)
75' Substitution: S. van der Water for R. Schlegel (Orlando City SC)
80' Yellow Card for P. Gallese (Orlando City SC)
80' Yellow Card for R. Jansson (Orlando City SC)
86' Yellow Card for Orlando City SC
88' Red Card for Antônio Carlos (Orlando City SC)
89' Penalty scored by K. Przybyłko (Philadelphia Union)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats Philadelphia Union
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Orlando City SC
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles

[ All data provided by MatchCaster , a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit. We are currently in Beta, come say hi if you are interested]
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2021.09.20 02:01 JBArt888 I’m a chicken hawk

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2021.09.20 02:01 Purple_Purchase_3787 I want TVT to go against pokemon

I would love to see this. ThAt PiKaChU DoEs NoT CoNsEnT To BrEeDiNg
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2021.09.20 02:01 ForeskinFortune long grape.

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2021.09.20 02:01 mytalala_mydingdong Even the hags in John’s comment section are more interested in #HotCop than John’s professional victimization

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2021.09.20 02:01 own_seaw0rthiness_23 Who wants these videos of Therealjael1n dm me $10 for all 15 videos instead of the usual $20 or $2 per video must be cashapp PayPal Venmo or Apple Pay ready shes twerking naked masturbating and has a sextape in this folder

Who wants these videos of Therealjael1n dm me $10 for all 15 videos instead of the usual $20 or $2 per video must be cashapp PayPal Venmo or Apple Pay ready shes twerking naked masturbating and has a sextape in this folder submitted by own_seaw0rthiness_23 to Therealjael1n [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 02:01 sperko818 Van Nuys Blvd and Delano St. Van Nuys (Los Angeles), CA.

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2021.09.20 02:01 justfutaba That golden glow

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2021.09.20 02:01 andthensometoo Ferber + Night Wakings

I want to keep this brief, but basically the 4 month sleep regression has turned our sweet, adorable 5 month year old into a gremlin and I couldn't take another night of waking up every hour like I have for the past month. We decided today to take a different approach, we tried gently soothing baby at intervals when putting her to bed tonight. She fell asleep much quicker than I expected. After 5 minutes, I went in and soothed. At 10 minutes, my husband was outside the door ready to go in when he saw on the monitor she stopped crying and fell asleep. So great, she's asleep now!
But what do we do at the next night waking? Because as I said, she's been waking up every hour for the past several weeks. Do we repeat the same method with time intervals?
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2021.09.20 02:01 HarryPoppins719 Still salty…

Am I the only one who is still incredibly salty that they brought Evan Peters into the MCU just to troll us?? I’m legitimately disappointed. It was such a slap in the face. Maybe I’m just being ridiculous though if no one else is still feeling cheated.
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2021.09.20 02:01 Nerdofthefox What are good places to shop for clothes, I'm in Idaho we have nothing here other than Hot Topic send help.

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2021.09.20 02:01 ateebakamran Striking the wife verse and Hijab

Please give me explanations to both from a quranic point of view.
I've read multiple tafsirs about the striking verse and it all seems to point to punishing and this can be be done by hitting. You can not hit the face as far as i know or leave bruises. Is there any alternate explanation? Or am I supposed to accept that the wife can be hit?
As for hijab, is head covering important or is covering the chest enough? Got into a really bad argument with someone who did not believe in hair being satar but brought up urf and culture as their defense (while mentioning long ago that culture and religion should be differentiated), stating that head covering is what is followed in my home, this is how we do it here and doing just satar and no hair covering in a house which does hijab and abaya is wrong (did not ask to clarify how it would be wrong, but i assume it is because it would catch attention of their family, maybe the males would stare so unnecessary attention. Or maybe they can't defend me against their family as they are dependent on them for money, food etc). They also said it is about being part of the "better group" according to our culture as here head covering is a part of modesty and considered better, and would also add to the safety, prevent standing out, and they wouldn't have to worry about me. However they were okay with not covering the head while at work if thats what one does normally at work, but to cover hair while leaving the house in front of their family and while travelling. They also said not covering your hair in the west would be alright because in their culture hair covering is uncommon and that one wouldn't stand out and attract unnecessary attention. I just stated that there are two most common ways women in our country follow: proper head covering or only chest covering with their garments. So how would one be standing out? If one would stand out in their family, is the woman at fault? Because she is following Gods command of covering her chest, she is not responsible for what the people of their house think. Or is it necessary to respect those customs? Is the urf argument valid or are they using it at their convenience because to me it seems like they can't go against their house customs. They also said they can't marry outside their families approval. Can a husband order his wife to do so, stating he is the head of the house? Also, can hair covering be enforced by the sharia?
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2021.09.20 02:01 imnoobami [Toronto, ON] [H] Local cash, Paypal [W] gtx 1080, 1080ti

Hi guys, I am looking for my friend a video graphic card if anyone want to sell please comment or pm me thank you!
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