A problem I have with offers- any advice?

2021.09.20 01:22 talk_to_yourself A problem I have with offers- any advice?

I've been getting people not responding after I counter their offer a few times lately. One example- item is £12. Buyer offers £8. I counter-offer £9. No response, no sale.
Or- item is £80 (slightly overpriced, newly listed) Buyer offers £60. I counter £70 (fair price) No response, no sale. I'd be happy to accept £65. At a push I'd take £60, but maybe not for another month or so.
It's undermining my confidence as a seller. I feel I have to accept any offer, because in about 50% of cases the haggling just ends, there's no negotiation. I don't know whether to just switch offers off apart from one or two items. I feel like, if I've comped the item, why am I allowing buyers to undercut that? I did the work to price them accurately.
I think I'm emotionally involved to some degree, and that this is a flaw. Not sure how to remove myself from the haggling process.
At the same time, I'm a bit irritated by someone who wants me to drop my price by £4, but won't increase their offer by £1.
I'm willing to accept I'm doing something wrong, but at the same time, maybe I'm not? Maybe it's just a certain percentage of fish you hook get away.
Any advice much appreciated.
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2021.09.20 01:22 sideways978 AC/DC flyer

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2021.09.20 01:22 jaswil526 Should I tell my boyfriend? Should I not? Is this worth the guilt I’m feeling?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a good while now. During the first few months of our relationship, I watched porn. I don’t feel guilty about watching porn. It’s the type I watched. I watched lesbian porn a couple times. Not a lot. Just a couple times. I feel guilty. I stopped watching porn completely about 4 months into our relationship. I would never engage in sexual activity with another girl. I am straight. I know I’m straight but I still feel guilty. Should I feel guilty for this?
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2021.09.20 01:22 jacobjer Can someone explain how insurance for players works? Example: Say Connor McDavid gets a career ending injury on the first shift of his first game this season, does the team have insurance on him? His contract? Does the player insure himself?

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2021.09.20 01:22 Optimal-Shelter-3827 man and radiant

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2021.09.20 01:22 tc182 In Josie and The Pussycats (2001) the successful boy band introduced in the films beginning is called DuJour. DuJour is a French word used to describe something enjoying short-lived success/popularity.

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2021.09.20 01:22 k1410407 Captain Shields Part 9

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2021.09.20 01:22 notgoingplacessoon Toilet won't stop flowing

My toilet won't stop running.
I have checked the flap and adjusted the height of the float. I believe the fill valve is broken since water is constantly flowing from it, even though everything is fine. It is a small volume of water that doesn't even make it through the tube. If I take the hose off the nipple I can see a trickle of water coming out.
It appears the shut off valve is broken since when I try to turn it off, I can still feel the water through the pipe.
Any suggestions on repairing the fill valve or should I just purchase a new one.
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2021.09.20 01:22 PoorOldJack I’m having a job interview tomorrow!!

I’ve had really bad anxiety issues my whole life, and I’ve been trying and failing to get a job for a few years now. I stopped trying when COVID started but I’m going at it again now.
I’m so incredibly anxious right now. All day yesterday and today it’s been the only thing on my mind. Between that and my depression it’s just so hard to live right now and I’m struggling to feel ok. I want to do well so bad but I feel so broken and fucked up. Im gonna do my best tomorrow and try not to have a mental breakdown, wish me luck
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2021.09.20 01:22 terri061655 A Little House In My Neighborhood

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2021.09.20 01:22 UnknownUser1532 You know whats better than one gobbleygourd?, two gobbleygourds!.

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2021.09.20 01:22 UTFO France cancels defence summit with UK in protest at Aukus submarine deal

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2021.09.20 01:22 NikkiBlack714 (27f) What do you think?

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2021.09.20 01:22 CloverDoesStuff Neca Crimson Tyhoon

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2021.09.20 01:22 A_Noonie_K beep beep

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2021.09.20 01:22 MEGAKINGJAKE Why do you stay on Reddit?

Mods on all Reddit community’s are jerks and always banning people for bias reasons when no rules were broken. So why stay here when that’s always happening?
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2021.09.20 01:22 heinaga1989 🚀 REVIVAL 🚀 Just Launched On PancakeSwap (Sushiswap and FegEx soon) | 11% BNB Rewards |Crypto CrowdFund App in Development | Devs Doxxed and Active 24/7


Revival is a community based DeFi project that gives holders the power to self govern major decisions regarding the token and its development.

Our application development plans include an easily navigated crowdfunding app that will allow users to tell their story and create a wallet used to receive donations, reflections and general savings.


- Core Team Doxxed
- RugScreen Passed
- Listed on Pancakeswap. FegEx and SushiSwap soon
- Low Market Cap
- Wireframe and UI for KICKSTAND App in development
- Community events (Games/Movie Nights)
- 11% BNB Rewards
- Active marketing
- Locked Dev Wallet
- Finance Audits
- In-House Marketing Experts
- Liquidity locked.



- 11% BNB Rewards
- 2% LP
- 2% Marketing
- 15% Total


- Scotland, England, Spain, India, Bulgaria, Ireland, Mexico and the United States of America.

📈 Chart: Bogged.Finance Chart
📃 Address: 0x7eaee60040135f20f508a393ca400ded339d654e

💻 Join our socials to learn more:


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2021.09.20 01:22 Britemar My theory on where the next dark worlds might be, this were all of the strange doors I could find (kinda ch2 spoilers?)

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2021.09.20 01:22 PeninsulaPhysioGrant How to Improve Your Golf Swing in Less Than 30 Seconds | Thoracic Rotati...

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2021.09.20 01:22 LevelMiddle [SLA017/SLA037] Between the 62MAS recreations, which one seems like it will have more collectability in the future (10+ years)?

The SLA017 (2017) has an 8L35 movement and is the true “recreation.” It also had a limited run of 2000. It is currently selling for higher than its retail value, so I assume people want it still.
The SLA037 (2020) has better specs with a hi-beat 8L55 and some sort of new steel. Limited edition 1100 pieces. Fewer available pieces than SLA017, but it is now selling for nearly 20% less than its retail price. Of course, it has only been one year and it was originally priced like 20% higher than the SLA017 was.
I’m curious as to the position of Seiko enthusiasts on these models. Of course, these “luxury” models are anathema to people who appreciate Seiko for where it usually sits in the watch market, but it’s undeniable that with Seiko pushing hard to upscale its inventory that it will most likely elevate its position in the watch respect world. I would imagine the SLA017 would be more collectible, but I’m unsure. The SLA037 may be more enjoyable tbh.
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2021.09.20 01:22 ExtraMedicated New hardware, old software -- there must be a way, right?

I recently bought a Spacemouse Pro for 3d modelling and stuff like that. But while flying around the viewport in Blender, my mind wandered back to that classic 6DOF game Descent.
I was wondering if anyone ever managed to successfully use a 3d mouse to play Descent, either by emulating a supported 6DOF controller, or by somehow mapping the 3d mouse's axes to keyboard buttons.
I trying using something called vJoy but I couldn't quite get it to work in the game.
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2021.09.20 01:22 Youngdoozy [NA] clash idc about tier just a random last minute team, drop ur igns and role.

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2021.09.20 01:22 craiixrich [QC] Cartier Santos Blue XL 40mm from Hont, first QC thanks in advance fam🤝

Hello dear Reptime community this is my first QC I ask for your indulgence and I hope I have followed everything
Dealer name: Hontwatch
Factory name: BVF
Model name: Santos Blue XL
Album links: QC Pics / QC Video
Index alignment: pretty good don’t see any issue
Dial Printing: fixed „R“ so it’s very good
Date wheel alignment/printing: 10/10 only batch flaw is the font style but that doesn’t matter
Hand alignment: don’t see any issue here
Bezel: I think the frosted glass is thicker on the left side than on the right. But I can also be completely wrong
Solid End Links (SELs): Cartier offers the quick release here so I don't see any problems
Timegrapher Numbers: looks fine
Anything else you notice: As I said the frosted glass and the buckle looks very very slanted but since you can certainly help me whether that is so normal? Amplitude is 263 which I think is acceptable according to QC Guide Please bear with me is my first QC
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2021.09.20 01:22 anxayatii What is she watching…?

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