Just got off the freeway..Doesn't make much sense that I wouldn't go to the delivery on the right first then go to the other one :/

2021.09.20 00:36 OnlyFansCreator19937 Just got off the freeway..Doesn't make much sense that I wouldn't go to the delivery on the right first then go to the other one :/

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2021.09.20 00:36 Overlypricedwater Ad: JOIN TEAM MYSTIC OR ELSE...

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2021.09.20 00:36 jim_the_joke_man I don't think so

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2021.09.20 00:36 Wide-eyedLizard 🐱PussyPunks | Mint Your Own NFT | Game in Development | Giveaway Live |Over 600 Tg Members

❓What are PussyPunks?    
A 10,000-strong army of randomly generated pussies with varying attributes to establish exclusivity. We are here to make a splash on the Binance Smart Chain NFT space.    
Like you and me, each PussyPunk was created to be unique and exists on the blockchain forever, a constant reminder that the collector spirit never dies!    
Whilst minting, PussyPunks utilizes a provably fair ai system with randomization, this meant that everyone who minted one of the original 10,000 had an equal chance of minting a rare PussyPunk.    
A game is currently being developed where you will be able to bring your PussyPunk to life. We are planning on releasing the beta version at the end of this month, to be kept up to date join our telegram below.    
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Our current giveaway is now live for anyone who mints between numbers 3000-5000. First price will be 1k busd cash prize for first place. 500 for second place and 250 for third place. The draw will be done live via screenshare video    
How To Mint -    

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🐱Mint yours now at:    
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2021.09.20 00:36 RIterum How to build a connections with Characters and PC.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me. I'm still learning when it comes to story writing / screenplay. Basically how to make it so the players doesn't expect that an ally of the party will betray the players and that there is hopefully, no suspicions when it comes to this characters.
My goals so far is to try to build up some relations between player and this characters but 3/4 characters are more reserved character-wise. So far, i feel i'm on the right path but any tips is appreciated as i feel i could do better.
Anyway sorry if i don't give any example. Hopefully its enough so you have an idea what i'm talking about.

TL;DR How to build a connection with Characters and PC that are usually reserved in character (they are not irl, just the personality of their character).
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2021.09.20 00:36 thelakeshow1990 H: Q/E/stealth LMG W: V/E/? 50cal

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2021.09.20 00:36 inmoon دانلود آهنگ محمد حداد با عنوان “شب یلدا” – Mohammad Haddad Shabeh Yalda

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2021.09.20 00:36 SeasonedTimeTraveler People love to think of Jews and Muslims as enemies, but let me show you something: As Jews were fasting on Yom Kippur, dozens of Muslim volunteers took upon themselves all the ambulance shifts in Jerusalem!

People love to think of Jews and Muslims as enemies, but let me show you something: As Jews were fasting on Yom Kippur, dozens of Muslim volunteers took upon themselves all the ambulance shifts in Jerusalem! submitted by SeasonedTimeTraveler to DadsandMenareheroes [link] [comments]

2021.09.20 00:36 Thedude12120 23M looking for someone fun and/or flirty female friend [Friendship][Relationship]

Hey! Im looking for a female friend. I’m a pretty chill and fun guy. I love art, theater, Star Wars, anime, the office and other things we can talk about. I draw my favorite anime characters in my iPad. I’ll answer fun, serious or embarrassing questions, it’s fun and a good time. We can talk about things we like, in general or with a partner. Please, HMU with a question!
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2021.09.20 00:36 mscarrots Can you float the Hingan Hot Spring on any fence?

Hello! Question fully encompassed in the title. I looked it up and it seems like in the past it couldn't be floated on certain walls or certain areas? I wonder if this is still the case. I would love to float this thing on my fence :(
Some info: Plot: Mist Plot 23 Fences Tried: Default Mist Fence, Odder Otter "Fence", Hingan Fence (Mokuzo).
This is the video I followed: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wywx-zfUAY8&ab_channel=WotgAshiee
Any insight would be much appreciated! I want the fence to be floated on my Odder Otter Fence.
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2021.09.20 00:36 Alarmed-Water-4959 Questions about once a month injectable

Hello all. Can anyone get the monthly injectable treatment in the USA? How should I go about asking my doctor for it? What are the qualifications for someone to be eligible for it? Is it safe for women? Does the insurance cover the cost of it? Does it still keep you undetectable and raise your CD4?
I tried to find some reviews about it but could not find any on drugs.com. I appreciate any feedbacks.
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2021.09.20 00:36 Fine-Requirement-374 Team Error

I just installed the Showdown application. When I logged in it gave me an error message on team. How do I fix this on Windows? It appears to only give a solution for Mac.
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2021.09.20 00:36 DaFitnessGamer Trifecta TNT and TTIX with an addition of Fumari Aloha Mango. Alpaca Rook bowl. Let's go Seahawks

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2021.09.20 00:36 Monk_Man1 Weapon leveling

I'm going to get straight to the point is the max level for weapons 30, because I can't seem to get the weapons past that point while playing. Is this a glitch or on purpose?
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2021.09.20 00:36 inmoon طرز تهیه بهترین و خوشمزه ترین نان تست صبحانه

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2021.09.20 00:36 TraderT3 Best way to cause a key frame animation to replay in React

Hey guys,
I’m adding animations to my website and came across a weird problem that I can’t figure out the best way to solve.
I have a react component that accepts a title and description through props and renders it. It’s essentially a slideshow, but instead of building it the way I normally do (where different DOM nodes are created and hidden or displayed through CSS) I opted for a different approach, as this seemed cleaner to me at the time.
I’ve tried storing the className in state and updating it between two classes that both apply the same animation every time the component rerenders, to force the animation to trigger but for some reason this isn’t working. The classes will change, but the animation doesn’t replay.
Is there a simple way for me to force the component to rerender that I’m missing? I can’t help but think I’m approaching this wrong, as this really isn’t terribly difficult conceptually. I’ve implemented slideshows dozens of times, but at this point wanted to avoid refactoring to use a more conventional method.
I can post my code if necessary, but figured this likely relates more to something conceptually wrong with my use of keyframes or my approach to component rerendering.
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2021.09.20 00:36 PresidentLink 5600x Highish temperature under low load

My 5600x w/ stock cooler runs hot most of the time. Really turns the room into an oven.
Currently, I'm just using Chrome and downloading a game, and my temperature is sitting around 70c. In general, my PC which is high end and brand spanking new, has felt sluggish too, during browsing and gaming.
I'm wondering how I can go about testing and ensuring/diagnosing where issues may lie, and what may be causing my temps to be so high?
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2021.09.20 00:36 bulbasaurfriend Horrible Stabbing Migraines from Choline. Why?

I added 250mg Choline to my stack and it has been giving me distinct and severe stabbing migranes. I have never been prone to migraines previously.
Why does choline cause some people migraines, especially at a lower dose?
I also take ALCAR and Ginkgo Bilboa.
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2021.09.20 00:36 the_interviewer_2021 Help for Graduation Message

My graduation/convocation is going to be held virtually, and I was asked to write a message. Here it is:
“Someday, we will be 26 people meeting again for the first time.
Wishing you love & happiness, [School] Class of 2021”
I like the first sentence, but was wondering if there’s a more succinct/better way of writing the 2nd sentence?
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2021.09.20 00:36 inmoon دانلود آهنگ حامد هاکان به اسم “سگ محلی” – Hamed Hakan Sag Mahali

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2021.09.20 00:36 Mr_hyde2000 The Way of Ethan chapter 6.

Hello again Guys, yes this is happening, another chapter. I would like to take this opportunity to apologies for the snafu with chapter 4, and now, chapter 6. (NSFW language and blood)
previous first next
he heard every word that bastard said, By the gods, Ethan was starting to hate that guy.
He felt the cold metal plates from the collar press against his skin, and braced for the incoming shock. He almost broke the charade when the jolt came.
was that it? I’ve been shocked more messing around with capacitors than this.” Ethan thought smugly as he tried hard not to move to much but actually had to act a bit, flexing the muscles in his neck and chest, only to slump back on the dolly once the shocking was over.
Seconds later he heard the captain grunt “seems like you’re right this time Xeno specialist Tonfa. Get him secured and await launch command.”
Ethan felt the cloth cover him once again, and the dolly starting to move, as both Tonfa and Tifa started huffing just to get it moving.
What felt like an eternity later the cloth was removed only for Ethan to still, remain still. They had agreed that he could only move about once he was spoken to by either Tonfa or Tifa, he could hear them moving about in the new compartment, but still none of them spoke to him.
Ethan must have fallen asleep as he felt something grabbing and trying to shake his shoulder.
“wake up sleepyhead” it was Tifa looking down at him.
Captain Hork had let them know, that he would be monitoring their new compartment, until the umbilical was disconnected seconds before launch. They had to keep Ethan in the dark, worse still, protocol dictated that he be restrained, once placed on the secure transport platform.
After the prep-work on the platform, they were ready for Ethan, they had expected more movement from him, when they tipped him from the dolly over to the platform, but all they got was a weird grumbling throaty sound, although the platform seemed to complain about Ethan's weight as it slightly groaned before the built in actuators compensated for his weight, she looked over at Tifa who just shrugged and got to work with the restraints.
Just before launch the captains voice came over the intercom “Remember to give captain Tora’ak the box, take care of our precious cargo. Hork out” and with that the umbilical was cut and the compartment was jettisoned.
“Tifa, could you wake him up, and remove his restraints, I don’t think he would like them very much as to how he disliked the collar.”
just as she heard Tifa speak to Ethan while she was assorting food and water for them, she thought to herself
surely she would undo the restraints first, then wake him up, she’s and engineer after all.”
Then a whole lot of things happened very quickly.
A bit disoriented, he jolted wide awake as he saw an alien starring at him only for reality to come crashing down on him, the abduction, the aliens, the fact that he had been sold and bought like a commodity, the date with his dream girl that he would now, sadly, be missing.
He tried to wipe sleep from his eyes only to realise that there were some kinds of restraints on his wrists and ankles.
Panic gripping him, with the feeling of ice cold claws digging straight into his heart.
Ethan, in a panicked state of mind only thought of one thing, escape, precious freedom of movement. He braced as best he could and flexed his entire body, His brain, switching to highest gear releasing all those sweet human chemicals.
Dopamine, epinephrine and norepinephrine flooded his entire system. Chest, biceps, neck and stomach muscle turned to iron, as he tried to break free.
What ever the platform was made of was no match for a human high on adrenaline, and in full fight or flight mode as they bend slightly before they snapped off.
Ethan grabbed the restraints holding his ankles and heaved, muscles in his back bulging, the platform squealed and creaked, as it was submitted to powers way beyond its design, snapping the restraints and finally free, Ethan turned towards Tifa, with murder in his eyes, he was off the platform in a split second hands finding purchase around her neck lifting her clear of the floor and slamming her hard into the wall, hands still holding her neck in a vice like grip
Suddenly Tonfa was hanging from his arm screaming
“And why shouldn’t I? you’re all in on it, trying to buddy up to me, promising me this and that. Now! let. Me. Go!” Ethan said taking a swing at her with the back of his hand.
The part of the platform still connected to Ethan’s wrist via the restraints, caught Tifa on the cheek leaving a deep gash, splattering blood on his face, the backside of his hand collided with Tonfas cheek, sending her backwards scrambling to keep her balance and consciousness ultimately failing, slamming into the wall and onto the floor in a heap.
Turning his anger back to Tifa he could see her eyes start to roll up and into the back of her head, then he noticed the blood, running down her face and onto his hand. It wasn’t crimson like his own, this was bright pink, almost glowing, but it was her blood none the less, and it was gushing from her cheek down her face and onto his hand and down his arm.
He immediately let her go, swiping at his hand as trying to get rid of the blood, he looked around the room seeing what he had done, the mangled platform, Tifa coughing and spluttering on the floor, bleeding from her face.
He turned trying to find an escape from this very unpleasant scenery, then, right next to the door, he saw a bright pink smudge on the wall, and Tonfa laying on the floor like a discarded rag doll, arms and legs in creepy uncomfortable positions.
He bolted for the door and pried it open using only brute force, and into the room on the other side, a small control room. Dark, with a few screens illuminating the room, and a viewport.
Turning to the viewport Ethan saw the wast emptiness of space, starring into the void, something snapped inside Ethan, he sank to his knees, a hand on the cold glass.
There, in the dark control room he saw his reflection in the viewport, blood on his hand and face.
Ethan wept.
everything hurt, she felt like a space station had crashed on her, but her head, her head was swollen and ringing, Tifa by her side gently stroking her head.
“what happened?”
Tifa held up a tablet

“Where is Ethan now?”
Tifa look at her with an expression that told her exactly what she was typing.
“Yes I’m concerned about him now, you seem to not be dying at the moment, and neither am I, I think.”

“Okay… where is he Tifa, you said we all need medical help, is he hurt?”

“it’s okay, I’ll talk to him”

“This was definitely a response to being restrained like that, he was acting out of fear. I don't think he meant to harm us this way, he’s way more powerful than we could imagine, and to him we must seem absurdly weak, his show of force was fitting for other beings of his composition, if he is to make to the republic and gain citizenship, he must learn to control himself.”

“i do, he is most intriguing, he has a fascinatingly dense composition, his bacterial numbers are higher than any other being in our databases. Bone structure must be very complex, almost like heavy duty steel, and you saw his muscle groups and their raw strength.”

Tonfa immediately felt her fur standing up straight by the mentioning of that, yeah that particular bit about Ethan she had definitely noticed.
“Really, I hadn’t noticed” she tried.
Tonfa rose from her seated position swaying slightly, only to find her sister by her side steadying her.
Tonfa looked at her and got a weak smile in return, signalling that she would be there by her side, even though she just said she wouldn't go in the room were Ethan was.
“Thank you Tifa.”
The door into the control room was ruined completely, sides bent and broken and she could hear the actuators in the door trying to either open or close the door, but they too, were bent and buckled.
In the corner of the room leaning against the viewport sat Ethan, he seemed smaller than she remembered, definitely smaller than his enraged form from earlier.
“Ethan?” she tried, and got no response, as she got closer she could see dried blood on his hand and arm, as she turned her head back to look at Tifa she saw a bandage on her cheek, with a slight nod towards Ethan, Tifa nodded back in return.
“I’ll get some water” she said.
“Thank you.” Tonfa mouthed. Looking back at Ethan, his face buried behind under his arms as they lay crossed across his knees, she gently lay a hand on his, no response, she then tried lifting it, it felt heavy for a second only for Ethan to follow her slightest push to move his arm to the side, she repeated this with his other arm moving it towards Tifa, who was ready with water and a cloth, starting to rinse his hand and arm of her blood.
She slowly moved a hand under Ethan’s chin and applied the slightest of pressure and he lifted his head up revealing his face, two clear streaks down his face, the white one of his eyes were a bright red, and the other a slight pinkish hue.
Tonfa started cleaning his face, as soon as the wet cloth touched his skin his mouth opened.
“I’m sorry” barely a whisper escaped his lips.
“No Ethan, we are sorry, we should have foreseen that restraints had been necessary, would you have acted differently had you known they might happen?”
“I don’t know, maybe” still a whisper.
They washed the dried blood off of him as best as they could, with him not willing to move on his own accord.
Once done with that Tifa tried to lighten the gloomy mood a bit by typing on her tablet and showing it to both of them.
“Really Tifa” Tonfa said rather annoyed.
“What does it say” Ethan asked, gone was the smooth voice, replaced by a hoarse raspy voice.
“It says, cheer up, it was and accident, no one is dead.”
“she missed a word” he said glumly looking out the viewport, seeing the space station they where bound for slowly growing before them.
Ethan didn’t turn his head as he spoke a single word that turned the mood from gloomy to absolutely dark, and made ice run through Tonfa’s veins.
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2021.09.20 00:36 mzcro PolkaParty is a platform focused on user created decentralized autonomous organizations. Being chain agnostic, there are many features that let you win prize rewards. #POLP #POLKAPARTY #ERC20

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2021.09.20 00:36 RidiculouslyLongName Black text boxes give me naughty thoughts

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