2021.10.24 05:18 No_Ad4257 Obsession

Do the media really force you to follow the nepos news? This is the argument I hear whenever I ask anyone why they are targeting them. Although I follow a lot of movie and entertainment sites and pages, I have blocked all the Kardashians and all tweets containing their names. And I didn't come across any of their news or even pictures of them with other people So I think the argument of blaming the media or PR is ridiculous and just an excuse for trolling. Also double standards between female and male actors Kriti gets a lot of criticism whenever someone posts about her and her performance in mimi and they are accused of being her pr but I see daily posts about Vicky and how he is compared to Ranbir and Ranveer but in the case of Kriti she can't be compared to Deepika and Alia. Also Alia and Karan were accused of trying to destroy kriti and publishing blinds about her and now we see how these articles are normalized here In the PR game, Deepika gets more hate than Kartik And that Sara and Jhanvi forced him to date them?
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2021.10.24 05:18 alan_1047 What are you using right now ?

View Poll
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2021.10.24 05:18 RedKnight757 [1150] I'd say this was a pretty successful comeback.

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2021.10.24 05:18 person2567 CHEEZE - How Can I Do

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2021.10.24 05:18 appsaraby مصر والأردن والعراق يعقدا اجتماع الجمعية العمومية لشركة الجسر العربي

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2021.10.24 05:18 mirror52 Price ballpark for complete Rewiring and new combi boiler installation in Harlow essex 4bed house?

Current: old boiler is in upstairs bedroom. Only 3 fuse in the house.
Want: new combi boiler in downstairs kitchen. More fuses and up to standard wiring with certification. This would involve ditching walls, remove old kitchen cupboards and reflooring.
Location Harlow Essex
Is there a profession that offer both services or do I need an electrician and plumbing team separate? What pricing should I expect? Any recommendations are appreciated.
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2021.10.24 05:18 LexPossum Picrews are back in?

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2021.10.24 05:18 Ikkai Hey fellow adc main... how are you?

I feel like we got that stereotype where adc mains are all crybabies that always whine and play the victim so we never ever get to complain without getting that shot at us immediately. And this even if sometimes, our role feels horrible to play.
So let's play the victim for real for a while!
How are you this season? Did you like it? Were you able to play or kept getting deleted immediately without your shieldbow ever mattering or did you feel like this season was actually not bad for adc at all?
Mad about constantly getting 4v2'ed botlane while you get no help whatsoever and seeing that sweet sweet cannon die to turret?
Loving thoses brand/xerath """"""""support"""""""" that dealt 3 times the damages of their adc and are still full mana after spamming their spells? (that one was personal)
Let's discuss (rant) here!
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2021.10.24 05:18 Coolingto 👌

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2021.10.24 05:18 Apome I’m I shadow banned

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2021.10.24 05:18 CasseOTK 1,110 Heavenly blue morning glory, 370 flying saucer morning glory, 200 ololiuqui and 260 hawaii baby woodrose

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2021.10.24 05:18 motherffucker Your mother

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2021.10.24 05:18 Weak-Journalist-423 Lost Halloween decorations and the human BOT response from over in LaLa Land

I began pulling my Halloween decorations out of my storage on October 1st. When the majority of what decor I had accumulated over the last 3 seasons couldn't be found in my storage, I put a ticket in to customer service. I received a reply 6 days later from Rona apologizing for the delayed response due to system failure and to kindly let her know if I needed help? WTF? I wrote back immediately and explained what I was missing etc. Halinda responded 4 days later and told me to check the store for my missing buildings and to let her know if I needed help. OMG!! 1st seasonal decor is not something the search function works on. Why, because it's not in the building catalog!! I wrote Halinda back saying I needed their help. I worked and paid for stuff that's missing. I don't sell decorations. She wrote back yesterday and explained the devs decided not to decorate this year but if I had a suggestion, she would be happy to forward it along!! They don't read, don't care and this is outrageous! btw, I'm a retired call center manager..never ever did any of my employees subject our customers to such abuse.
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2021.10.24 05:18 avipars That's a good discount, it's something that comes in handy and also works as a cart topper! 4 Pack Kitchen Sink Drain Strainers

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2021.10.24 05:18 Jess-C-on-Reddit Do you feel trapped, like a moth in a bath?

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2021.10.24 05:18 ChickenRidingCowFukr Is a 16 year old dating an 18 year old weird

Long distance relationship. I don’t plan on doing anything sexual. But I don’t know if the age gap is weird and I don’t know if I’m okay with it but I really like this girl (she doesn’t mind it). I’m 17 now and she’s 16 now but I’ll turn 18 before she turns 17. We already agreed we would date so I don’t know what do do. (yes I know that was probably dumb you don’t need to tell me just give me advice please thanks
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2021.10.24 05:18 jcuriel315 ISO GA Ticket(s) COLUMBUS 10/29

I have seated seats for me and 3 other people and want to trade up for GA. Seats are directly in the middle of the seated section, club seats actually. If you’re going to this show and are having second thoughts of being around so many people in the pit, message me and we can trade.
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2021.10.24 05:18 glugul Humanity's undead legions are the most feared military in all the realms and are considered unbeatable.

This is due to the fact that they dont need to eat sleep or rest and they sustain themselves by devouring the souls of they kill denying them from the afterlife
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2021.10.24 05:18 thiccdaddy3000 Devil Fruit Bag Help

I just picked up a devil fruit and I have a devil fruit bag but i went to my inventory and couldn’t find the fruit. Is there a reason why and a way to fix this?
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2021.10.24 05:18 PickWeekly Asking for advice

Me (21)M and my (21)F girlfriend have been dating for little over a year now and we have always had a pretty solid and stable relationship. But I’m afraid that we are forcing it or it might becoming toxic.
She always sleeps at my house most of the days we hang out, probably 3x a week. About 6 months ago she was sleeping and I had an urge to go through her phone and I did (not proud about it). I found a lot of texts to her friends that were negative things about me such as her thinking of breaking up w me or how I can’t do this right, pretty much how she really felt…..Felt like a knife in my back. We had a long talk the next about how I don’t like that and I view that as talking shit about me behind my back and it makes me uncomfortable and if she as and issue come to me because it’s our issue it’s our relationship, not your friends. And made it clear that is not something I wanted in my relationships.
But since then we have started this cycle where I don’t feel right and I’ll look through her phone and find the same things over and over again. I’ll tell her look I don’t like this please stop. And I always feel like she views it as me trying to control her and I can’t tell her what to do, but she never says that she always says yes I understand I’m very sorry it won’t happen again..
The other night I looked through her phone and saw her saying “ONLY talk over snap (about me) so I don’t have to delete messages” I have yet to say anything to her but it just feels like she doesn’t respect my very simple request. We clearly have trust issue now because of this situation. Instead of stopping she just try’s to hide from me, which is not something that is very healthy, I want trusting relationship, and I that includes me going through her phone, I don’t want to feel the need to do that it’s just everytime I do I find something and she says she will stop but she doesn’t which makes me do it again.it just feels to far gone at this point
to ask her to please not talk about me and our relationship behind my back. I understand that girls gossip but I just feels wrong to me and these are very private things that only us should talk about.
Asking for advice or what you think about this.
…Extra Info
She has gone through my phone as well which personally I am completely fine w I understand the whole projecting your insecurities on your SO but I disagree I feel like if you ever feel the curiosity too go ahead I have nothing to hide, I’m all about transparency and honesty. But she found pics of me a girl a used to talk too a few years ago on my phone and said he didn’t like it and also has told me she doesn’t like me following some girls in Instagram and he views it as disrespectful. So I deleted the pics and unfollowed the girls. To make her feel comfortable and like she is being respected
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2021.10.24 05:18 ZoolShop Josh Heupel draws praise on social media despite lopsided loss to Alabama

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2021.10.24 05:18 KingCo_ hey what do my yods mean in my chart?

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2021.10.24 05:18 elixtarnar AUR construiește un spital regional

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2021.10.24 05:18 affiliate8 * Scooply Demo Review - Scooply Review 🚫 Super Misleading 🚫 100% Honest ...

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2021.10.24 05:18 LowerExtension5773 🎃 On BSC now! Zilla Inu just launched and you dont want to miss it🎃

🚀Zilla inu🚀🚀
🔥🔥Zilla+INU HYPE🔥
Launched less than 2 hours ago and the chart is just going up, healthy as fuck to be exact. Organic growth speaks for itself and a truly active community ready to do anything to ensure the longevity of the token. If you want to feel part of something while making money, go there. Voice chat has also been open since LAUNCH. There is only one way up and you can see it at Zilla inu token
The team has already developed projects and have some serious experience in binance smart chain and they have made many investors big profits. 💰
The chart is currently around x10 from launch and team is Based and transparent with its investors. 💎Very early low MC gem 💎
If all of this sounds awesome to you, we have already begun as stated earlier we are LIVE but this is early for all of you fine people reading this text right now!
CMS is just the first paid marketing along a few pinned telegram groups, all else is ORGANIC GROWTH which is rare these days. I can not stress this enough, Join now or forever regret!
🚀Low Market Cap ✅ Safu Dev ✅Based Team
💫💫STEALTHLAUNCH Dev in vc before launch🔥
3 BNB - initial market cap
10-12% slippage
4% - Auto LP 4% - Reflection 2% - Marketing & Buyback
💻 Website: Under construction!
🐕Contract: 0xd3adc40a28d273caeab5a21b4fffb60873d92187
🐕Pancakeswap :https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd3adc40a28d273caeab5a21b4fffb60873d92187
🐕Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xd3adc40a28d273caeab5a21b4fffb60873d92187#readContract
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