sk2tz na97d 28rh8 s65f4 nyts7 ahd9b 5snr9 a6a93 e22y7 zb4nh t56bi 3dt6b zzyab ya7z9 z4zhk t6nih 25bs6 kf86a aszys 2esy5 rftbr 4+ months after ordering, my brother finally took delivery of his Macan GTS. |

4+ months after ordering, my brother finally took delivery of his Macan GTS.

2021.11.27 17:18 TurbulentSetting2020 4+ months after ordering, my brother finally took delivery of his Macan GTS.

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2021.11.27 17:18 drynionph ✨ Metaverse Doge ✨ | The First Ever Defi Metaverse Doge | CERTIK audit DONE | Game P2E being developed | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | Low market cap | Huge potential ✨

In a galaxy far far away on the planet Nakamoto, resides a cyber gunslinger named MetaVerse Doge and his team of Meta-Memes. Help fight away galactic scammers heading towards Nakamoto by collecting and utlilizing Meta-NFT cards.
Market cap is holding steady at 1.65m and project has not been listed yet on CMC and Coingecko, ready to explode!✨
Buy rare NFTs from our Meta Chest that are used in game. The rarer the NFT the more points you can gain!
Players who hold suitable METAVERSE DOGE NFT’s will NOT ONLY be able to invest in a unique or desirable NFT property, but will ALSO get access to the following: Common, Rare, Ultra rare and LEGENDARY.
Future marketing plans:
- Coinsniper And Coinhunter Listings
- Telegram Call Channels
- Daily Posts On Reddit Cms
- Daily Twitter Posts
- Twitter Influence+rs
- Poocoin Ads
- Cmc & Cg Application
- Dextools Trending
- Group Shilling And Contests
- Meme Contests And Giveaways
- Bsc Ads
Liquidity is locked for 3 months and LP tokens are burned forever.
Buy tax 6%
Sell tax 11%
Marketing strategies will focus on media content that will bind us into the ever-evolving fabric of the metaverse. $MVDOGE is a community driven token, to be a part of our communal web, join us on our telegram group to keep up to date with current news.
✅ Owner will video Doxx ✅
☕ NFT’S ☕
〽️ P2E Game 〽️
⚜️ 6% Buy 11% Sell ⚜️
SC 100 - HC 200!! Max 1 BNB!!
☣️ Link Buy ☣️
☢️ Contract Address: 0xf21f72686f21A5bFFF428211285a9f6FA104674D
☢️ Pancakeswap:
☢️ Liquidity lock:

⚔️ Website:
⚔️ Telegram:
⚔️ Twitter:\_DogeBSC
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2021.11.27 17:18 fdrc777 En Medellín preferiblemente

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2021.11.27 17:18 tstanze03 NFL Week 12 bets from Mr. FC – PHI/NYG LAR/GB

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2021.11.27 17:18 luvmeblu apply with IB programme

hey, I have a question, what are the bests universities to apply to international relations when you have the IB diploma
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2021.11.27 17:18 The1stHorsemanX Ergonomics, who did it better?

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2021.11.27 17:18 animeVGsuperherostar Top 300 strongest OP characters #115

List 1 Rocks 2 Roger 3 Whitebeard 4 Garp 5 Kaido 6 Sengoku 7 Shiki 8 Big Mom 9 Shanks 10 Mihawk 11 Dragon 12 Akainu 13 Blackbeard 14 Rayleigh 15 Aokiji 16 Oden 17 Ryuma 18 Kizaru 19 Kong 20 Fujitora 21 Ryokugyu 22 Benn Beckman 23 Luffy 24 Scopper 25 Marco 26 Sabo 27 Tsuru 28 Gion 29 Kid 30 Tokikake 31 Zoro 32 Shiryu 33 Law 34 Katakuri 35 Lucky Roo 36 Yamato 37 King 38 Sanji 39 Yasopp 40 Queen 41 Killer 42 Weevil 43 Doflamingo 44 Hancock 45 Kuma 46 Vista 47 Jinbe 48 Jozu 49 Smoothie 50 Jack 51 Cracker 52 Ace 53 Lucci 54 Pizarro 55 Devon 56 Denjiro 57 Urouge 58 Inuarashi 59 Nekomamushi 60 Ashura 61 Crocodile 62 Sanjuan Wolf 63 Perospero 64 Who’s Who 65 Vasco Shot 66 Chinjao 67 Drake 68 Kawamatsu 69 Snack 70 Hawkins 71 Magellan 72 Nozdon 73 Sunbell 74 Laffitte 75 Apoo 76 Burgess 77 Oven 78 Bege 79 Daifuku 80 Vergo 81 Smoker 82 Momonga 83 Robin 84 Franky 85 Ulti 86 Black Maria 87 Sasaki 88 Onigumo 89 Streusen 90 Bonney 91 Brook 92 Page One 93 Compote 94 Rockstar 95 Ivankov 96 Kaku 97 Karasu 98 Stussy 99 Bepo 100 Ichiji 101 Lindbergh 102 Niji 103 Morley 104 Belo Betty 105 Judge 106 Pedro 107 Yonji 108 Reiju 109 Van Augur 110 Sentomaru 111 Kinemon 112 Kiku 113 Heat 114 Izo
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2021.11.27 17:18 terminashunator RX front fork leaking overnight.

I purchased my RX a little over a month ago, and I've had issue since week 1 where the front fork leaks overnight, sometimes even after just 8 hours after I get off work. Is this a normal thing? I haven't done any real offroad, I use the bike for commuting to and from work, roughly 20mi a day.
Additionally, my rear shock collar is too snug for me to turn the preload up a bit by hand, can anyone recommend a spanner for that? Thanks.
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2021.11.27 17:18 Tacotech- forza 5 eating up my ram

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone had this issue, I play forza 5 a lot and I have noticed a few issues, like forza 5 using 65% precent of my ram. I have a 3080 a intel core i9 and 32gbs of ram. I run forza at 8k and max settings. I get around 50 fps normally which I don't mind. But whenever I open spotify or apple music my fps drops to 10-20 and I get a error saying forza 5 needs more memory. I also notice that the memory usage on forza 5 goes up to 85%. If anyone knows why then please do reply.
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2021.11.27 17:18 mineyourbiz Hokkaido Inu dissected again... not literally guys- is joke

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2021.11.27 17:18 AutomaticLet5178 Majin

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2021.11.27 17:18 TheGregNorton [OC] Exploring the World of Gritty Reboots [8:42]

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2021.11.27 17:18 SandySnorrrz A German Guy that's 29 looking for pals.

Hi all of you, I am Tobi.
I am a more introverted person, so actually approaching you can be kinda hard for me because of it. BUT I TRIED. thats me right here
Life was not the best to me the last few years, it left me epileptic, workless and in a place i do not like to life in. Don't worry, it is not a jail or a mental asylum, just a shared flag in a small village that, for me, is just too boring to life in.
I love to get to know people, helping them out, making them smile. I am a Xenophile, you might never heard that phrase before, but as you might can imagine, it is the opposite of a Xenophobe.
Do not misunderstand me, i like being german and living here, i am just so interested in getting to know people from all over the world.
Hit me up if you want to meet a guy that, according to one IRL friend, is very down to earth and nice to have around. FEEL FREE TO SEND A CHAT MESSAGE
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2021.11.27 17:18 Mystclick NFA - Alien NFTs

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2021.11.27 17:18 basstard78 Can anyone point me in the direction of a ritual to honor a lost pet?

My wife and I just unexpectedly and suddenly lost a cat that we got before we where married. We are both pretty torn up about it. We want to do something in his honor but aren't sure of how to proceed. Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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2021.11.27 17:18 AvidSeason Ars Magica (#61)

[First] [Previous] [Next]

Ahhh. Goddamn my head hurts, what ha-Oh. This is quite familiar. Wait...don't tell me. Yep. Eyes are just goddamn blind in darkness again. I would have figured that some of the lanterns would still be around, but there's nothing. I check my map functions an-Oh. Oh shit. I am sitting entirely within red. That's not good. Plus, all the previous mapping that I had done is just completely gone. The only thing here is just a corridor that I can't see in the darkness. I try to figure out how the hell we ended up in here, but I'm interrupted as there's a little flash that appears in my eyes before a ball of light is floating in the air, and I have a sudden clarity as to where I am and exactly what I'm standing on.

This cave isn't exactly a cave. There's no hallmarks of the rock and stone pillars jutting from the ceiling or ground. No water drips silently running through the air. It's...I suppose the closest thing that I can think of is a hospital. I mean, I know it's not a hospital. The air, while clean, doesn't exactly have the same smell of alcohol. The floor, while checkered, is entirely made up of metal, and while there's walls and doors, they all seem welded shut. Fake. Also, there's no ceiling, so there's that. However, my attention from my surroundings is drawn to the wreck farther away down the long corridor.

There, laid the remains of the carriage, like it fell out of the sky and tried to fit someplace which was too small for it to exist. I have absolutely no idea why I'm so far away, or why the ball of light seems to be fading, but I have to get to it fast. If the light's fading, it's either a magic issue or a life issue, and I'd rather it not be the second one.

So, quite haphazardly, I get off of the floor. It's a little sticky for some reason, but I manage to get up after a couple tries. Running kind of has the same problem, but it's less hard to do. It's mainly the sensation that you'd get if you'd step in dried soda on concrete or linoleum. By the time I'm able to pass the many fake doors and actually reach the wreck, the light has almost gone out completely, only giving off a faint glow to its immediate surroundings. And there, sprawled out underneath it all, is Carmia free from her restraints, but completely conked out.

I hesitate for a minute before moving aside the rubble. She may be a slime, but I don't really know if she's-oh. Oh god, is she bleeding out, or is that her magic? No. Not really the point. I begin to bring her up, but the floor is also sucking her in like it did me. It took a fair bit more effort for me to pull her out, but when I did, I noticed some of her slime came off of her. Shit, ahh...and it's gone. Ok. Carnivorous floor. Explains the pulling sensation, and...Oh god I'm going to be sick.

The whole floor is-No. Everything is moving. It's like all the metal is just fleshy acid. Ok. So, could I-Yeah. It's no problem. Don't freak out. I've pushed the spell out to other people before, mainly, well, only Kojo I suppose. But does it double their rate, or give them double mine? NO. Stop over analyzing. Just try dammit. [Regenerate]. My spell takes shape, covering my entire body before shifting over towards Carmia. Her lost slime seems to come back, although it's not as fast as I'd hoped. Guess it only gives twice their regeneration.

However, with it activated I can keep it up for awhile, at least until she's stopped bleeding. I swing her around me before tying her arms together around my neck. She's a little bit pliable and I think there's no problem with it since I've seen her without bones. She's tied up there, but her feet are also touching the floor and being dragged down. I grab them quickly to tie them around my waist before putting my attention back to the darkness of the hallway.

The light has now gone completely out, but there's a red glow coming from the windows in the door. That's certainly not ominous at all, and now there's a knocking sound. Great. Found myself in a horror movie. Wait. That's not coming from one of the doors though. I pull myself together and follow the sound towards where Marwall has apparently, gotten himself lodged into a wheel. And the sound is him trying to get free. No. You can't laugh. No matter how much he looks like Bradley right now.

"Marwall. Ya need help?" My voice seems to echo down the corridor quite loudly, and I freeze as I realize that anything could've heard us at that point. My question seems to pull him away from smacking at it with a hammer towards me before nodding briefly.

"Ok. Don't move your head. Twist it a little bit. Yeah, so your ears are near the inner and outer spoke. Now, we pull at the same time. One...two...three!" Marwall followed my instructions to the letter, slowly twisting his head and pulling it at the same time that I had. However, the quick pop sound was unexpected as I fell onto some more of the wooden rubble.

"Ow. That hurt." The reddish light seemed to grow briefly in intensity before going back down to a gentle glow. That's not creepy at all. Ok. Marwall seems fine, wait. Should warn him.

"By the way, don't touch the floor...or the walls or anything that looks like metal. Whatever it is, it just sucks you in and causes constant damage. Almost sucked in Carmia's legs here." At that I wave my back jelly a little bit, and Marwall nods before heading over towards the edges of the wreck he can still stand upon. Seeing him like that makes me think of something. Especially with that axle over there and...huh.

"Hey Marwall, you have any nails to go with that hammer?" His ears seem to perk up a bit before he looks towards me nodding and pointing towards his fallen over sack. I gently meander my way over the broken wood and twisted metal to find the sack in question, grabbing it, and making sure nothing else is loose around it.

"Thanks. If everything goes to plan, we might just have a way we can all safely traverse through here." Quickly, I try and load myself up with any non-broken wooden planks, or at least ones that have the least amount of splinters coming off of them. I lay them down in a raft pattern, with one wood being overlaid by several other planks. Basically, I just continue piling on wood into a square before pounding nails into the junctions so that it is a solid square sheet of wooden floor. Once that's done, I head over to the one unbroken axle to grab it, and-Oh. That's...oh shit. I think this whole floor is a lot more dangerous than I thought.

There, lying underneath the wheel, is an empty shell. An empty familiar shell. completely ate Rhollrhun. There's not even bones left of the thing...Just...oh god. What kind of monster am I if I can just stand on top of it and feel only slightly itchy? No! You're not going into self-deprecation mode right now. Lives are on the line, even if they aren't yours.

Shaking my head away from that funk, I grab hold of the axle, feeling a strange shifting sensation along it. Shit. It can spread to other metal. However, as long as no one with metal touches...Oh. I really hope the Credonz and Kojo haven't gotten sucked to wherever this is to. Putting that string of thoughts away, I manage to make it stick towards the bottom of the flooring. I have to add a bit more wooden boards so that the axle isn't just going to burn the wood away when we move it. Along with that, I do some quality of life changes, like adding some boards around the whole thing to create a fence, and making sure that there's a tub to put Carmia in. I don't really know when, but I know eventually she's just going to end up being a liquid again. I untie her from my waist and neck while setting her down in the little wooden tub, before getting off of my creation. I step back from my work and look towards the slightly amused Marwall, who had managed to find his backpack and pick up at least some unbroken supplies while I worked on this, judging from how it was slightly bulging.

"Tada! It's a rickshaw! Well, probably not a good one, but hey. I did the best with what I could." Marwall seems to be silently chuckling before heaving his backpack over the side and crawling after it. Once he fell back over the edge, he looked up from the floor and looked like he wanted to ask me a question. Oh god communication with him is going to be tough now. There's literally no earth around us at all, and his papers and tablets are probably gone somewhere in the rubble. Guess I have to interpret what he wants to say.

"I get it buddy. We'll find something for you to write on later." He seemed to be somewhat angry, judging from his fur rising slightly, but he nodded, almost mollified. I hooked myself up to the rickshaw, carefully making sure that the rod was well and truly attached. Then, I turned myself towards my cargo.

"So, which way do you want to head?" Marwall seemed to consider something before pointing ahead towards the source of more red glows. I looked behind him, to see that the glow was slowly but surely fading away.

"Alright then, hang on for a minute. It's going to be more bumpy before we get to smooth it out." Slowly, I began to push us along, over the various bits and bobs of wood dotting the floor, before we make it past the entirety of the wrecked cart. I look back towards it to find Marwall looking backwards at the encroaching blackness, before it all seems to be swallowed entirely. I can barely make it out in this lighting, but the floor underneath him has spots of wetness. I look back towards the continued corridor ahead letting him have his moment. He probably lived inside of that place for a while. Seeing it go...I can only equate it to losing a home.

As we travel on in silence, I start to question our surroundings more and more. There is literally nothing around us, and the only sounds I can hear are the steady breathing of my passengers, the metallic churning of the floor as my feet hit it, and the wind going by my ears. Hmmm...something's certainly strange here. [Analyze].

For Analyzing a high level target at The Threshold, Analyze has evolved into Critical Eye. Critical Eye cannot gain any details upon the target besides the name, [The Buried Legion]. 
Huh...This place must be extremely complex if it pushed my Analyze towards the next breakthrough. Wait...what are the changes?
Critical Eye Cost: (- AP) Your eyes have seen a lot along the road, and they can tell quality from the mundane to the legendary. They can sense the strength of opponents much higher than you, and find their ultimate weakness. They, however, have also been trained to see the past of an object, the actions which have led it to your viewing. Know that while there is no cost towards using Critical Eye, it can be pushed to beyond its limits with the correct application of magical might. 
That...that is definitely more powerful than before. It can't even level anymore, so I guess I got the best [Observe] that I could've gotten, but what's it's benchmark? What can it do better than what [Analyze] has done? I can test it on Marwall or maybe the cart?...No. Marwall's a better choice. I know things about him and if it doesn't put down what I think it might put down then I know that I got gipped. I turn my head back around and aim true. [Critical Eye].
Name: Marwall Lancaster Race: Bast (Klein) Class: Merchant Lv45 (3700/4500%) Noble Lv38 (2500/3800%) Monk Lv1 (0/100%) Titles: Mute Merchant of Mysteries Lost Child Hidden By Magic Runic Genius Pure Aristocrat Level: 122 (8700/10800%) HP: 10370 MP: 6222 AP: 10000 Strength: 34 Dexterity: 21 Constitution: 85 Intelligence: 92 Wisdom: 45 Charisma: 72 Affinities: None Description: Marwall Lancaster is from a family of nobles that held a high rank among the socialite ladder. His family was perhaps the longest living noble line in the history of Guansong, possibly the most legitimate line to the throne if the main one would ever depose itself. He spent most of his life trying to reach the epitome of noble hood until he met the most impactful teacher in his life, a [Sage] for a monk-type class. He wanted so bad to get into the class, he took it the first chance he got. However, further advancement was blocked due to negative title modifiers he had, and the official organization he wanted to join would not let him in for the exact same reason. Frustrated, he ran away from his home, hoping to find someone to get rid of his title for him or at least figure out how to deal with it himself. To this day he's travelled under the guise of Marwall the Merchant of Mysteries to better market himself towards the classes he thinks might have the solution to his problems. 
Oh. That's...quite interesting, and also maybe a brief invasion of his privacy. He's been lying, or at least I've not seen the full picture before with my previous scanning method. I mean one of his titles is Hidden By Magic. Plus, it gave me levels in Inspection? Don't know why that happened. Maybe I can-Oh yeah. I can adjust this kind of like my interface, so I can see what I want to see instead of what I don't. Now I won't have to invade anyone's privacy by mistake. However...this lets me see the stats of people and other things, and while that's interesting, too much info can sometimes make my head gush.

However, as that thought passes through my skull, and my vision turns back towards the front of the cart and into the slightly red darkness, I can't help but ask myself, 'Where am I, and what is this place?'
Question Chain Received Automatically Activating [Knowledge of the World] . . . Question Deemed: Within Restriction Level (Subcategory: Knowledge of the Gods) HP Reduction Necessary Contact with Center Panopticon Necessary Limitations Regarding Usage Applied (0/1) . . . Basis of Question: Knowledge of [The Buried Legion] and Dungeons (General) Answer: [The Buried Legion] is a relatively new project for Deryl, God of Dungeons and Prisons. He had wondered whether it was possible to make it so that a dungeon's affinity could be based around constructs. Thus, [The Buried Legion] was made with the affinity for [Golems]. It has recently gotten in contact with a Bide that has helped its growth in staggering ways, in exchange for a price. Its current size is 19 floors. Dungeons are part of the designation of Hypatia, that pertaining to the inanimate either becoming animate or gaining knowledge. They were not originally part of the world until Deryl had decided that he wanted to have a bigger importance upon the world despite his namesake. Some say that he was simply not happy being the patron god of prisoners and the tortured. So, he brought dungeons into existence once the rest of the gods favored towards a new classification system for most sapient life. He made it so that they operate on a mana infusion to grow bigger and stay healthy. In order for the mana to subsist, he made it so that they grow each time that something dies within them. In accordance, he was forced to assign and create prizes for those who do not die within the dungeons he creates, as well as, let the dungeons decide what prizes are worth their well earned mana. Dungeons basically do not exist in the world proper, as they reside in little pockets of reality, only ever encroaching upon the world in terms of their entrances. Thus, certain skills pertaining to reality are somewhat altered by the transference. Because of this, dungeons can basically appear anywhere at anytime, given that their growth conditions are usually specially geared on the individual level of a dungeon, and the things that it can summon forth, that being traps, monsters, puzzles, and sometimes other Bide. Entrances that are part of a dungeon always push individuals towards the first floor, unless they have a keyed-in Waystone that the dungeon gives out at periodic times. Some entrances blend in with their environment, while others lie in wait to swallow unsuspecting passersby whole. (In the case of this dungeon, it was just a sudden growth period it was not expecting.) Dungeons can be killed or exited once the final floor of one has been reached. Usually, every five floors within a dungeon is either a rest floor, where one can retrieve a Waystone, or a singular effort from the floor to dissuade you from going further, often through elaborate puzzles or . Remember, the general goal of a dungeon is to trap you inside it and kill you to absorb your mana. Some do not care if you die within them though, as while you're able to leave, there is no great loss to them, as any skills, abilities, or items which use mana can have their sources be pulled from as well while they are being used. The purpose of Dungeons is for the eventual summation of reality itself, as Deryl will be able to control it through his domain of Prisons. Other gods do not think that this will work out, despite his somewhat optimistic attitude towards it. Gained 10 PP for Answer's Difficulty Reminder: Use of [Knowledge of the World] will not available for the rest of the day due to being under the Subcategory, [Knowledge of the Gods]. 
I...I did not mean at all to activate that. Plus, I can't use it for the rest of the day! Ugh, there could've been something more impo-Actually...this might've been the best use of it, even if the knowledge just went straight into my head once I read it. So, somewhere out there, Kojo and Credonz are on the same floor, which I guess I wasn't all too worried about, but I guess I'm a bit worried considering that the mecha-lobster might've...No. Don't think of that. Gods are far above where you are that you probably can't even comprehend the how of it all. Just...focus on saving your friends from something that wants to feast on them.

Yeah...Anyways, pulling this cart is kind of an issue if I want to save them fast. Even with [Speed] activated, it doesn't really move all that much. Maybe I'm just pushing the cart wrong. I know that the other rickshaws usually have their their bars higher up, but mine's at almost the exact same level as the rest of the cart. I can try pushing upwards, but I don't know if-
For carrying a weight exceeding [100 kg] you have received +2 STR. 
Oh. Well, that certainly makes it easier. Also, does this count as carrying? I mean, at most I'm just pushing most of the cart up. Wait. I turn my head back and...they're both fine. Marwall's a bit frazzled from the jostling but he's still in the same place and either still unconscious or is being unrelentingly lazy. Thank god nothing fell off.

However...speaking of strength. Maybe if I had enough to actually push it where my speed would actually keep up without losing pace...yeah. I mean, I doubt I'm going to end up doing anything that's worthy of a feat of strength now that my Newcomer title got removed, especially since I don't plan on carrying people or throwing buildings...I guess it's worth a shot, but how much do I want to add? If I compare myself with Marwall, even he has more strength than me...If I want to be able to at least keep up with the current speed, I'm probably going to have to increase it at least 10 more but...I'm in a dungeon now. Things are different, and though I haven't seen any monsters, I need to be able to take them out of here as fast as I can. I need to at least hit the next benchmark. The more power I'm able to get out of my body, the better that I can protect my friends. So...18 points and what the hell an extra one to get 50 in Wisdom, leaving me with...only 42 left due to the level up from my class leveling twice...Nice. Alright, it's do-
For gaining a Strength of 50, you receive the ability: Focus For gaining 50 in all body related stats, you receive the ability: Overclock For gaining a Wisdom of 50, you receive the ability: Willful 
I...huh. Didn't expect that at all. Wait! That also means I could have another skill by...Charisma's counted as a mind skill? I mean...yeah, but isn't it also a body one? Well, maybe it isn't a body one, I mean, unlike strength and constitution, it hasn't really physically changed my body at all, or at least not to a degree where it's noticeable. I don't think that I'm going to be able to get a ability for the mind side anytime soon then. Now, let's see what we've got here.
Focus LvMax (Stat Ability) [STR] Cost: (50 AP) At times where the world is a discomforting chaotic jumble, your body is the only thing that you can rely upon. And when it isn't able to perform to your satisfaction, all you need to do is PUSH it. This skill allows you to focus all your strength within parts of your body. At your current strength, if you were to put your entire strength within a punch, you would be able to hit for an average of 480 points worth of HP. Overclock LvMax (Stat Ability) [BODY] Cost: (1 Stat/10 AP) Sometimes, your body isn't enough. It's been battered, bruised, and broken upon the crushing feeling that fate puts upon you. You've tried making sure that you're able to do whatever you want it to do, but it isn't enough. With the world how it is, it's almost never enough. This skill allows you access to place temporary stats towards any within your BODY. For every 10 AP that is provided, you gain an extra stat in whichever category of BODY you would like. Know that instead of a one-off cost like other skills or abilities, this one instead uses them constantly while you have them. In other words, while this skill is active, that AP is essentially taken from your maximum. Introspective LvMax (Stat Ability) [WIS] Cost: You've managed to touch upon the intricacies of your inner world. For some, that would be enough. They would have been happy to have just grasped how to use magic insightfully. For you, that's not enough. You've gotten a glimpse. Your MIND isn't exactly the only thing in there. Now you just have to reach out and touch it. This skill currently has no effect until certain conditions are met in the future. 
Huh. Certainly interesting that a skill does...nothing. I mean, the others are certainly a fair bit easier to understand and also HOLY SHIT. That's a lot of damage I can do if I just put 15 temporary into Strength, then I'd get up to...624 damage? At least assuming each strength point does 9.6 damage per enemy for an average focused punch. However, my mind is brought out of its reverie towards my new skills at hand towards a change in scenery.

The walls no longer looked like hospital walls. The tiled white and black had faded away to a dull rust, while you could no longer tell that there even were tiles along the wall, and the doors had long since faded to look like crystals, which exuded the same red glow that we'd been following for ages. And there, right in front of me, was the first crossroads we'd come across. To the left, crystals seemed to grow in more frequency, rippling in much the same way as the metal, while along the right, the rust almost seemed to permeate the air. I turned towards Marwall to speak abou-My thoughts were interrupted as a scream rang out through the corridor..

It almost sounded like a howl, while the other was a screech in the air. It seemed to come from both directions, but it could've been one of those traps that was talked about before. My perception isn't helping me, as too far in either direction just leaves a haze. I turn my head sharply to Marwall, only barely noticing the stirring of Carmia. He points assuredly towards the left path and I go. The screams seem to be getting louder as we continue on, and I can hear Carmia groaning in pain.

As we continue on, the floor has also changed from the slight rust towards the crystalline structure that the corridor has become. My steps leave behind cracks as I pound forward. My [Speed] has long since run out, and I'm going my natural speed. Even if we're heading in the wrong direction, I can't help but feel like everything's just going to get worse before it gets better, especially since that last thought is punctuated by a groggy, almost supernatural summation of my feelings.

" I here?"

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*(Updates the day of upload)
Dave's Character Sheet (Now with added Dave commentary) Link:
Author's Note: So...dungeons. Didn't actually think I was going to add them to be honest. Well, they've been a part of the setting since the beginning chapters, but I didn't actually think that Dave would end up in one. As he is now, he's probably the best equipped to handle this particular dungeon, not just because of his natural health regeneration. Credonz will also probably end up doing well, but as of yet we still haven't seen how they've performed.
I'll be frank right now. When I first started this series, I didn't expect it to be this long. I thought that at some point Dave would die and everything would've been over, simply because he basically has a 50/50 towards dying at any point he's faced with a more powerful opponent, and also because the skills are randomly generated from a pool I have. Yeah, a little peek behind the curtain here, I only ever planned the first 10 skills he got. Everything else, the enhancements, the notifications, that's all on my pair of dice. Looking back, I feel nostalgic in a time where I think it's alright to be. I just celebrated Thanksgiving, and I just got home today from all the celebrations. My life may not be structured or organized or, hell, even going well, but I can say that for the first time in a while, I've felt content. I'm not going to be stopping this story anytime soon. Hell, I think there's probably going to be another 60 chapters before Dave ever meets the big bad, but...I know that by the end, no matter which way the story goes, I've at least been here for the entire ride. And I wouldn't regret it for a second.
Anyways, sorry for getting a bit touchy feely there. I've basically got a lot more on my plate nowadays. If you haven't heard, as it was just a little mention at the end of the last author's note, I'm moving this story over to Royal Road. I'm not stopping HFY uploads. Hell, it's the entire reason I wanted to do this kind of tale. But, I do want you guys to know...the story that I upload on Royal Road is going to be a lot more detailed than this one. Both due to the amount of gadgets I have access to over there, as well as, the fact that I don't have a set character limit over there. If you're interested in seeing how the story has changed, or adapted for a lack of a better word, you can see it here. I haven't linked the story there to HFY, at least not through a link. I believe that if the people over there see what I've written so far, they won't see the changes that I've made to the story and simply binge through it all. On the website it's easier to keep track of changes and stats in between chapters now, and I'd like to think that there's better writing in general, considering I now have a bit of forethought from the future. Plus, I've gotten the arcs labelled over there, as it's kind of confusing changing the series listing for HFY. As it stands, it's only gotten three chapters up right now, but I'm operating on a 2 chapter a week basis over there, and once that meets the HFY schedule, then the HFY will change to follow. If you don't want to see the works redone, I won't push you over there. I'll leave you all out with a classic staple of the series now. Hope you all have a good week, and I can't wait to make another upload. Here's to you!
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2021.11.27 17:18 Einar_47 Rot & Ruin theory

Some spoilers for Killswitch and the Rot and Ruin series ahead.
So we've all known since Killswitch that there's a sort of Maberry-verse of connected but not strictly linear storylines intertwined between everything Maberry writes and that the events of Rot & Ruin takes place in one of the possible futures for Joe Ledger. I just got to the point in Fire & Ash where Doctor McCready is talking about the release of Reaper around the world, how for at least a decade before First Night there were samples of the various Reaper components showing up in water and soil samples and that it would have taken a collosal effort costing hundreds of millions to implement. I immediately thought of the Dragon Factory, Cyrus Jacoby was basically doing exactly that with different diseases. I'm wondering now if I'm the Rot & Ruin time-line the Jacobys never came onto the DMS radar, a dying Cyrus bitter at a world where he could never win decided if he couldn't have the world he wanted, nobody could, so he got his hands on the single worst bio weapon the world had ever seen and spread it around like an evil Johnny Appleseed.
I know the story of Dead of Night tells of a different release vector, and a more traditional global distribution by airplanes and such, but I just assume that's another slightly different alternative time line since it goes against what McCready says, which is backed by data, in the Rot and Ruin series.
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