The myth of the self-driving car as the 'silver bullet' solution to traffic

2021.11.27 18:32 mrchaotica The myth of the self-driving car as the 'silver bullet' solution to traffic

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2021.11.27 18:32 bspaghetti Can anyone recommend a good paper manager?

I’m looking for someplace to store and organize all the papers I’ve downloaded, other than a large folder of pdf’s on my desktop. Some people in my group are recommending Mendeley but I’m wondering if people on this sub have any other suggestions.
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2021.11.27 18:32 ByeByeBabyBlue01 Portrait of Queen my beloved<3

finished :)
without background lights
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2021.11.27 18:32 ChacDidNothingWrong I would like to paint a picture for all whom may here it.

I would like to paint a picture for all whom may here it. The year is 2021, June. Somedays one could ask why were so cute when we were out their reconciling, or whatever the kids call it nowadays. Bright fresh air in my lungs and cubes of stone all over the place, there was someone adept at his agile prowl, exoskeletons and all, missin' my bus ticket and findin' stained brown on the counter tops as I pull out 1,000,000 gold coins n' set them pretty next to a tiefling woman. I find myself warped around, beaten up, and finally thrown to the abyss for a proclamation against the Swedish, n' still, I found loopholes. I stood atop a roof like many others when I came to, surrounded by fellows new and old, watchin' things burn, sometimes makes me think that the old deep should'a won. Yet sittin' their with some kind old fellers and seeing all those wonders grind to a halt, was a magic in its own right. Guess fun really wasn't meant to have a justice.
\"Economical Socio-Political Desertification Nomadic Remnants\"
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2021.11.27 18:32 nightbird_05 What second monitor should I get?

have a Dell S2716DGR as my main monitor. I'm looking fora second monitor mainly to view work documents. At first I was looking into a 24" but don't know if it would look weird having a different brand or different size since most setups I've seen have identical monitors. I was also seeing the prices and for some of the monitors and they all seem to be 300+ What do you recommend?I don't mind spending a little more for something that's worth it.
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2021.11.27 18:32 lntoTheSky So, What Build Should I Use?: Power Strike/Lightning Fury Amazon, Season 4

Season 4 Mind Blast Assasin Leveling Guide With Season 4 just around the corner and some of you coming from D2R looking for your fix of ladder, I'm seeing a lot of threads pop up which are all some variation of: "What's the best ladder starter?" or "I'm new, what should I play?" Well, I have great news for you! I've decided to be the change I want to see this season and write a bunch of leveling guides for each of the 7 classes in all their PD2 glory! After finishing the Mind Blast Assassin leveling guide, I knew I wanted to go in a different direction for this guide. Mind Blast is great for people coming over to PD2 who want to try something new that they never could have played in D2 LoD. However, for this guide, I wanted to write about an oldie but goodie. In this guide, we'll be talking about leveling a Power Strike/Lightning Fury Amazon. At this point in the beta, it looks like the Amazon has about a half dozen top tier builds due to several changes in her Bow and Crossbow skills, as well as the addition of rare Arrows and Bolts. However, Lightning Fury still looks to be the queen of the Amazon builds when it comes to speed farming and clearing high tier content. Additionally, the Lightning branch of the Javelin and Spear tree packs a punch at all stages of leveling, meaning you will never have to respec if you use this build. Contrary to popular belief, Lightning Fury is an excellent ladder starter since the skill scales well without the best gear. However, with the best gear, you will smash all of the content this mod has to offer, with a build that is familiar, but different. If you're playing PD2 for the first time and want to play something familiar while you learn the new mechanics of the mod, Lightning Fury is an excellent place to start!
Table of Contents

1.) Viability 2.) Pros/Cons Pros
  • Can solo clear all content in mod
  • Functions well in group play
  • Safe
  • New player friendly
  • Strong at all phases of ladder
  • Top-tier power
  • Gear may be expensive (varies season to season)
  • Plays the same as in LoD (may not be a con depending on what you're looking for)
  • Lacks damage type diversity
3.) Starting Attributes
  • Strength: 20
  • Dexterity: 25
  • Vitality: 20
  • Energy: 15
  • Hit Points: 50
  • Stamina: 184
  • Mana: 15
4.) Level Up Attributes
  • Life: +2
  • Stamina: +1
  • Mana: +2
5.) Attribute Point Effect
  • Vitality point gives 3 Life
  • Vitality point gives 1 Stamina
  • Energy point gives 1.5 mana
6.) Desired Stats Most guides jump straight into gear at this point. However, I think it is more useful at this point to go over the stats you want to be looking for on gear, especially considering that this guide is focused on ladder starting. After going over what stats are good for this spec, the gear we pick up during leveling and for end game mapping should make a lot more sense. The stats you want to be looking for in order of priority:
All Skills >= Javelin and Spear Skills
  • All Skills is technically better than Javelin and Spear skills because you do invest some points into the Passive and Magic tree. However, most of those skills are one point wonders and you want to prioritize maxing out your Lightning Fury and Power Strike first anyway, so All Skills and Javelin & Spear Skills will be equal for most of your ladder season.
Lightning Fury > Power Strike
  • You max Power strike up to level 30, then max Lightning Fury. Keep in mind that you don't benefit from synergies unless you invest in the skill base level, so don't expect to stack plus Power Strike and be OP
Mana Per Kill
  • The reason why we start with Power Strike, other than the fact that its a synergy to Lightning Fury, is because it is pretty light on the mana. Lightning Fury is expensive though, so when you make that transition, you're going to want Mana Per Kill
All Resistances
  • This build is pretty safe since you'll almost certainly have max block and you should be keeping your disctance from enemies. For hardcore players, you definitely want to prioritize All Resistances more, maybe as your top priority or maybe just after plus skills
Cannot Be Frozen
  • Obviously only need it on one piece, but I cannot overemphasize how much it sucks to get frozen with this build
Increased Attack Speed
  • Both skills scale off of Increased Attack Speed, so do the stacking
  • Your base damage scales off of Dexterity, I believe in PD2 it is still 0.5% per point of Dexterity, but if this has been changed let me know. You also want Dexterity to reach your block cap.
  • Same idea as All resistances, except you can't cap it. One point of Vitality gives 3 points of life, making it defeintely worth the investment. You should value +1 Vitality the same as +3 life.
Faster Hit Recovery
  • You shouldn't be getting hit that often, but we do prioritize Dexterity over Vitality so you may be getting put into hit recovery frames more often than with characters who put all of their points into Vitality.
7.) How to Level as an Amazon Power Strike/Lightnig fury is my favorite leveling path for the amazon. This is because Power Strike hits hard with good aoe from the nova, which actually extend beyond what the animation would lead you to believe, and is light on mana. You can put Power Strike on Right Mouse Button, click and hold on the ground or hold your reveal dropped items key, and just run through the game. This causes your character to "Smart Attack." In other words, she will run towards your cursor and attack anything within a small radius without you needed to use a lot of excess inputs. This playstyle is very easy on the hands, for you old guys out there, and is generally just a chill playstyle. The Amazon learns Power Strike at level 6, so you have to put points elsewhere until then. You don't need to respec with this build path, which is hugely helpful if you want to level this character as Lightning Fury and respec to something else for end game farming. There are a couple of Runewords that can supplement your leveling experience, but don't ever feel like you have to farm runes while leveling, the Amazon does just fine without these early game runewords.
  • At all levels: put enough points into Strength and Dexterity to wear gear. Ignore Energy, and put the rest into Vitality.
  • Level 1 - 4: start with either Jab or Poison Javelin, whichever you prefer. Put 1 skill point each into Jab, Poison Javelin, Inner Sight, and Critical Strike. Jab locks you into an animation when you use it, while a lot of Poison Javelin damage comes from the cloud and damage over time. I dislike both skills and think they're finicky, but you have to pick something before you get Power Strike.
  • Level 5: Save this point
  • level 6: get Power Strike and Evade. Switch to Power Strike as your main skill
  • Level 7 - 9: keep putting points into Power Strike. At somewhere around this point you should be entering the Black Marsh, meaning you can farm the countess for low runes. You're looking for Tal, Eth to make Stealth Runeword
  • Level 10 & 11: Save these points
  • Level 12: Grab Lightning Bolt from the Javelin and Spear tree and Pierce and Slow Movement from the Passive and Magic tree. Lightning Bolt is like a budget Lightning Fury, so make sure you have it on hot swap if you ever find yourself in hairy situations and need to attack from a distance. We'll keep putting points into Power Strike and rely on its synergy to get more damage on Lightning Bolt.
  • Level 13 - 17: Keep stacking Power Strike. At level 17, place Tal and Eth into a 2 socketed chest to make the Stealth runeword. Keep an eye out for a three socketed shield
  • Level 18: Get Dodge from the Passive and Magic tree
  • Level 19 - 23: Keep pumping up Power Strike.
  • Level 24: Get Penetrate from the Passive and Magic tree
  • Level 25-28: Keep pumping up Power Strike. Somewhere around here you should be finishing the quest to rescue the captured barbarians and get Ral, Ort, and Tal for Ancient's Pledge. If you have not gotten a three socketed shield, return to Act 2 and buy one from Farah. You may need to reset her shop a couple of times but it is well worth it. Keep an eye out for a three socketed chest
  • Level 29: Get Plague Javelin from the Javelin and Spear tree
  • Level 30: Get Lightning Fury from the Javelin and Spear tree. I prefer to keep Power Strike in my RMB slot and put Lightning Fury in the LMB slot
  • Level 31 and Beyond: Max out Lightning Fury > Power Strike > Lightning Bolt. I prefer to use Power Strike whenever I feel safe an confident to get in melee range, and keep Lightning Fury for when I can't be safe in melee range. Playing this way, you will gradually move from using Power Strike as your main attack to preferring Lightning Fury in all situations
  • Nightmare Countess: When you get here, farm her for Shael, Thul, and Amn to put into a 3 socket chest for the Peace Runeword
  • From here, focus on getting at least to the rescue Anya quest in Hell, which is the earliest you can start mapping. You really should try to finish Hell before mapping since doing so gives you access to Hell cows, which is a pretty good farming spot for early ladder gear. Farm level 85 areas that you are comfortable with if your progression slows down
8.) Early Ladder Gear Obviously, the exact leveling setup relies on what gear you found in your playthrough. But, there are a stats in certain gear slots that you should really try to hit
  • Try to get + to Amazon Skills. The Highest is the Valkyrie Prefix which gives +2. If you find a circlet with Increased Attack Speed, that's also very good. Finally, sockets are great as well, whether you use Larzuk or a Corruption (not recommended for early ladder). Throw a perfect Topaz in there and you have yourself a budget Shako
  • Lore Runeword for the + Skills, Mana Per Kill and Physical Damage Reduction. The Base type doesn't matter and you can shop a 2 Socket Helmet Base from Act 1 Normal Charsi or Act 2 Normal Farah by leaving the town to reset the shops items.
  • +Skills, All Resistances, Dexterity, and Mana per Kill
  • Peace Runeword is a great piece which you should have gotten while leveling and every stat is valuable with the exception of thorns. You very well may keep this piece until late game.
  • Smoke Runeword and Lionheart Runeword is your go to back up for the early ladder Resists. If you are having a hard time finding a Nef, Lum, Hel, or Fal, and are afraid to progress you can farm the Countess inside of the Tower in Act 1 for Runes. The Base type for the Runeword doesn't matter and you can shop a two or three Socket Chest Base from Act 1 Normal Charsi or Act 2 Normal Farah.
  • All Resistances, Block Chance, Faster Block Rate, Faster Hit Recover, and Dexterity are all great options
  • Ancients Pledge is strong before you have any good items due to the fact that it allows you to get early ladder Resists. You should have gotten it while leveling but don't be afraid to upgrade to a better shield if you find one with higher block chance or other preferable stats
  • Rhyme Runeword is a strong option for Cannot be Frozen until you get Spirit and if you don't need the resists are provided by ancients pledge.
  • Spirit Runeword is the best choice because this shield has everything including Faster Hit Recovery, +Skills, Mana, Resists, and it even has thorns :O
  • Javelins cannot be socketed so you're limited to what you find. However, Javelins also can't lose durability, so ethereals are kinda nice. Focus on finding one with high damage and +Skills. Anything stats on top of that are just gravy.
  • Try to get your hands on a Naj's Puzzler. They are pretty easy to find and the Blink charges are invaluable.
  • if you are having trouble finding Naj's, try shopping a staff with Teleport or Blink charges. I believe Akara in Act 1 is your best option for this
  • Early in the ladder you want to get a belt with good defensive stats. All Resistances, Vitality, and Magic/Physical damage reduction are some of the stats you're looking for.
  • A Crafted Safety Belt with All Resistances and vitality is a great start
  • If you're a gangster, you can craft a Bountiful Belt for the fat lootz
  • Safety Gloves if you can craft a pair with Increased Attack Speed and + Javelin and Spear Skills. Starting at ilvl 60, crafted gloves can roll + 3 Javelin and Spear skills so save your crafts for then
  • According to the Big Affix Cheat Sheet#.2BSkill_Levels) Javelin and Spear skills don't roll on amulets. That feels like a oversight and I'm not sure if this is the case in PD2, but, if it is, crafting a Safety Amulet for the block rate and defensive stats or a Vampiric Amulet for the mana leech are likely your best options. +2 Amazon skills doesn't roll on Amulets until ilvl 90 but +1 Amazon Skills is still reasonable to go for
  • A pair of Caster Rings are huge for the Mana and Mana per Kill. I would get these as early as possible unless you've already found better
9.) End Game Setup Helmet
  • Griffon's Eye Diadem is Best in Slot and there's not much reason to consider anything else. +All Skills, Lightning Skill Damage and Lightning shred
There are a lot of good options for chests. I would definitely look at what you have in other slots and find a chest that covers your deficiencies
  • Arkaine's Valor +Skills and good defensive stats
  • Tyrael's Might Sacred Armor Fantastic defensive stats, Faster Run/Walk, and Cannot be Frozen. The increased damage against undead and demons covers like 80% of the monsters in the game.
  • Spirit Ward with Amazon skills. Lesser fade is a HUGE defensive boost and it's almost worth letting yourself get hit in low density just to proc it
  • Stormshield Monarch
The options for gloves are pretty limited. Chance Guards Chain Gloves are good, not great. They've got magic find which falls off as a stat in endgame maps that can roll over 200% magic find. Your best bet is probably crafting Vampiric Gloves or Caster Gloves with +3 Javelin and Spear skills and Increased Attack speed with any defensive stats you need
The Amazon doesn't have access to a teleport and you don't really want to wear Enigma since you lose huge damage from not having facets. The setup I usually run is to wear Naj's on switch and have CtA in my inventory. Barbarian War Cries last 5 minutes, so the pro strat is to put your CtA in your main set, look at your game clock, scream a bit, swap your Thunderstroke, do the pew pew, and make sure you repeat this process every four to five minutes
  • The Stone of Jordan +Skills, Lightning Damage, and Mana
  • Raven Frost if you need Cannot be Frozen
  • Rare or Crafted rings preferably with Increased Attack Speed, Resists, and mana leech or mana per kill
Javelin and Spear skillers. Life, All res, and Run/Walk are the other attributes you want and spot res to round out your res cap
10.) Corruptions, Sockets, Charm Setup, Maxing Resists The general rule for corruptions is that if the item type can roll sockets and your current item doesn't have sockets, you want the socket corruption so you can place Lightning type Rainbow Facet Jewels
  • Corruptions: Sockets
  • Sockets: Facets
  • Corruption: Sockets
  • Sockets: Facets
  • Corruption: Sockets
  • Sockets: Facets
  • Corruption: All resist 5-10%
Corruption: Cannot be Frozen. Physical Damage Reduction and Run/Walk are fine but anything other than Cannot be Frozen feels bad
  • Corruption: Increased Attack Speed, Block Chance, Max Res, All Res, Run/Walk
  • Corruption: Mana leech, All Resistances, Run/Walk are all fine. There aren't really any bad ring corruptions other than losing your item entirely
  • Corruption: +1 All Skills. Pierce and Mana per Kill are better than bricks if that's what you get
11.) Mercenary WIP
12.) Amazon FBR and FHR Breakpoints Faster Block Rate
Frames 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7
Stats 0 4 6 11 15 23 29 40 56 80 120
Faster Hit Recovery
Frames 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4
Stats 0 6 13 20 32 52 86 174
As is the case with all attack speed builds, the breakpoints depend on the speed of the weapon type you are using. Check out the Diablo 2 Attack Speed Calculator for info on your breakpoints
13.) Where do I farm? Lightning Fury Amazon excels at farming a variety of locations. You can basically go anywhere that isn't loaded with Lightning immunities
With Low end Gear I recommend Farming these spots:
  • The Secret Cow Level) found in the Tamoe Highland in Act 1. Use the Outer Cloister Waypoint
  • Eldritch) found beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Shenk the Overseer) found at the bottom of the stairs beside the Frigid Highlands Waypoint in Act 5
  • Andariel) excellent for SoJs, among other things
  • Mehpisto)
  • Once you have Max Resist about level 26+ Lightning Fury you can also farm Chaos Sanctuary)
With High End Gear I Recommend Mapping
Rescue Anya in Hell to unlock the ability to open maps. Here is a guide, courtesy of BTNeandertha1 with a map immunity breakdown that was accurate as of the end of season 2. I expect that to still be 90% accurate and a good starting point, I am just not aware exactly what changes have been made across that map pool or what the situation is with the new maps coming this season
Well that's it for my guide! Feel free to comment if you have any thoughts or questions, or message me on discord @Marvl in the PD2 Discord or Gabe#9285. Otherwise, Good luck in season 4 and may the RNG gods be in your favor!
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2021.11.27 18:32 MyYankees19 How do I even approach this girl (snapchat)

I’ve dated numerous people. I’ve been around the block a few times (M25)
Yes I admit it, I met her from tinder. My pickup line worked on her. It was actually very good. Don’t judge me 😂We kinda flirted a little and talked a little and she Gave her snap chat. But she’s kinda not talking much.. I knew she had Covid last week. I told her my job and she replied “are you implying you’re a sugar daddy?” And I quickly shot that down. Were the same age. She sends me random pics. Replies to some of my stuff.
She has me as a “Private friend” on there so I’ve seen some questionable things such as her wanting to buy lingerie and needed an opinion or her dancing to a song wearing a shirt but no bra so covering up her chest. We have a 7 day streak going. Not sure what to do.
I don’t want to come across as creepy but like . . . Idk what to do😂
Am I supposed to comment on the private stories??
How do I stirke up a convo with her, I’ve never dealt with thi ever 😂
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2021.11.27 18:32 Freezy155 Help With Master's Research Survey!

Good Morning!
My name is Josh Free and I am currently a Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer at Clemson University, for my Master’s program I am conducting research on the preparedness and perceptions of certified athletic trainers to identify and provide mental health services to their athletes, part of my research includes a short survey (info below) that would greatly benefit from your input! Please consider taking this short survey as it will help us gather information on our topic and conduct further research, we appreciate your help and please feel free to forward this to other certified athletic trainers, thanks!

Dear Participants,
Mental health identification and treatment for collegiate student-athletes is a forefront topic in student-athlete wellness. and entails conditions such as sleep disorder, major depressive disorder, suicide, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, ADHD, sport-related concussion, and substance abuse (Reardon, C. L., Hainline, B., Aron, C. M., Baron, D., Baum, A. L., Bindra, A., . . . Engebretsen, L., 2019).
The purpose of this research is to examine the preparedness and perceptions of certified athletic trainers working at the collegiate level to identify and provide mental health services to their athletes. Furthermore, this study aims to explore self-perceived qualifications and readiness to perform mental health services. This research is important because certified athletic trainers are tasked with recognition and referral of mental health concerns while at the same time experiencing burnout and mental health issues common to the profession (Oglesby, L. W., Gallucci, A. R., Wynveen, C. J., Ylitalo, K. R., & Benson, N. F. (2020).
We are asking for your participation in a research study that involves completing a short questionnaire. The questionnaire should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Your participation will help the researchers come to a better understanding of the preparedness of collegiate certified athletic trainers while identifying certified athletic trainers' perceptions of providing mental health services to their athletes. You can complete our short survey with the link provided below (
Your participation is completely voluntary, and your responses are anonymous. At any point if you feel uncomfortable and would like to stop taking the survey, your unfinished survey will be removed from this research. If you have any questions regarding the survey, your participation, or the nature of this study, you may contact us at or
Thank you for your consideration in our study,
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the strat i usually use doesn’t work on hedge or i’m just really bat at the game
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Has anyone received any offers yet? If so, how long did you wait?
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2021.11.27 18:32 dawoods99 I Tried STAKING METAVERSE PRO for WILD RETURNS | + Wonderland $TIME, KLIMA & SNOWDOG Updates (Rug?)

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