10 Signs of High Value Woman | How to Be a High Value Woman?

2022.01.18 14:01 TheRetentionWarriors 10 Signs of High Value Woman | How to Be a High Value Woman?

What exactly is a high-value man or woman?

A high-value person is basically someone who
is of high importance in one's life, high

worth, and deserving.

Now that may sound snobbish but it basically
means it is someone important and worthy that

you want to be and have in your life.

How does someone become high value?

They basically have the belief system they
are which then causes them to behave as if

they are.

When you are of high value, you are less likely
to open the doors for manipulative toxic people

and more likely to open the doors for healthy
positive people.

This may be a struggle for some as we get
stuck in unhealthy habits like negative self-talk

and tolerating abusive behaviors.

Habit #1 - She never chases any man...

An attractive woman never pursues any man
even if she is strongly attracted to him.

She understands that it's the man's job to
do the chasing.

And the very fact that she never chases anyone
makes her even more attractive in the eyes

of men.

Habit #2 - She is highly independent...

She is someone who doesn't depend on a guy
to provide for her either emotionally or financially.

She knows that she can take good care of herself
and the world owes her absolutely nothing.

Habit #3 - She places a very high value of

She is a woman who is completely comfortable
in her skin and knows what she wants.

She is someone who never talks bad about others
or herself.

She never competes with other women as she
understands that only insecure women do that.

Habit #4 - She never settles for anything
but the best...

She doesn't lower her preferences even when
she is lonely.

She doesn't just date any man and doesn't
jump into the sack with any guy.

She knows that she deserves the best and is
always willing to wait for the right one to

come along instead of lowering the bar.

Habit #5 - She is very honest & always direct...

She is not scared of presenting her point
of view even when she knows she might face

a lot of opposition.

She is someone who isn't really concerned
about what others think of her.

She doesn't seek anyone's approval or appreciation.

Habit #6 - She isn't scared to walk away when
her principles are violated...

She is someone who never lets a guy walk all
over her.

She isn't scared to walk away when she believes
that one of her boundaries is being crossed.

She doesn't stick around just to keep the
guy comfortable.

Habit #7 - She always makes a man wait before
he gets to see the goods...

She is not into short-term flings as she understands
the long-term consequences of such acts.

She always makes the man wait for sex no matter
how good of a catch he is.

She always gives her self dignity a higher
priority in every situation.

She is someone who is highly responsible and
always thinks things through before acting

on them.


High Emotional Intelligence - They are witty,
funny, playful, has charisma, a great sense

of humor, and can make you laugh.

They read the room and know what to say and
when in order to control the group dynamics,

regulate their own and other people's emotions.


Responds Rather Than Reacts
Women always have a lot going on in their

minds and can be rather expressive about it.

they need to talk things out and if they don’t
get to, it can build in their head causing

what looks like a massive emotional explosion.

This is why women may express anger or sadness
in irrational ways.

When a woman gets emotional and expresses
it in an irrational way that is considered

a reaction.

A response is preventing ones self from reacting
and having a more gathered thought of what

it is that is bothering her and what it is
that she wants to happen.

Reactions are out of emotion but a response
is thinking before doing.

A high-value woman may still have those times
so it is not a matter of being perfect about


It is a matter of trying to respond more than

A high-value woman will try to express herself
or take time aside to gather what it is she

is feeling before exploding.

This is also a good tool for men but woman
tend to deal with this more.


Has Healthy Boundaries
Boundaries are fences that we put up to protect

us from things that can hurt us or make us

When we don’t have boundaries or we let
them down it leads to feelings of being disrespected,

discomfort and again opens the doors to manipulative
abusive people.

Boundaries help teach people what they like
and don’t like.

A high-value woman sticks to her boundaries
and does not just say them and tolerate things

she does not want.

Healthy boundaries are deciding what you feel
comfortable doing with your partner, how much

you like to be touched, topics you feel comfortable
talking about, and with who, saying no when

you don’t want something.

Saying no is a big thing we forget we can

It is important to practice saying no when
it could be something that hurts you and understanding

it's okay to yes to doing things that benefit


High-Value Women Don’t Text Constantly

One texting habit of a high-value woman is
she knows less is more when it comes to texting.

It only stands to reason that a woman that
values herself highly also values her time.

She has friends, a life, a job/career and
doesn’t engage in all-day texting.

She understands that texts are just words
and it’s actions she values.

This is especially true for men that she has
yet to meet or men who text more than put

in an effort to actually spend time with her.

I know women who will text with men for weeks
or months and have yet to meet them or have

only actually been on a couple of dates.

They mistake this E-tethering for genuine
interest when actually all it is is electronic

maintenance that requires little investment.

A man that wants to text her all day long
nonstop sets off warning flags in a high-value


Does he have a life?

What is his hurry?

She isn’t in a hurry.

She isn’t starved for the attention.

One of the fastest ways to put yourself into
a friend zone is to text all dang day with

a man you have never met.

You are offering up zero resistance, following
a lame lead, and there is no mystery to you.

You are always there, like his best bud.

A high-value woman is not going to be worried
about what will happen (or not happen) if

she doesn’t engage in this all-day texting.

So you see what I meant?

I didn’t give you a magic spell to turn
you into Beyoncé.

I simply gave you some principles you can
work with to succeed in how to be a high-value


The foundation is already there.

All you have to do is know your worth and
have high standards.


She Has Class
Many people assume that a classy woman is

a conceited woman… but this is not always
the case.

Besides, judging a book by its cover is never
a good idea if you want to make the most out

of life and take every opportunity to learn
from others.

A high-value woman does not feel she is better
than anyone else…

she simply has a certain amount of class that
makes her attractive.

If you want to become classy, you’ll have
to learn some etiquette.

Try refraining from swearing, practice good
posture and have proper manners.

Practice makes perfect, so if you need some
time to practice these new skills, that’s


You will eventually see positive changes.

Are you a high-value woman?

Give me a “heck yeah!” in the comments
below and let me know which trait you need

to work on.
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Posts like this must be made quite often, still I would like to add mine to the pile
You see, I come from League of Legends. To me, being able to buy a skin for your main is a given. It's natural, it makes sense. I would even go as far as to say that it's part of what makes the game fun. I like to be able to have some form of aesthetic self expression through my character. It makes me feel like a true main. (You know what I'm talking about).
It's important.
I know Hi-Rez are known for their lootboxes and FOMO bullshittery, but really this is ridiculous. I cannot buy a single skin on Octavia, not one. AND SHE HAS 5. This is mindblowing.
I'm sure this has all been said before but I feel like people should keep complaining, maybe at some point things might change...
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I’m a first-year licensed professional counselor in Ohio and became official in June 2021. I work with the developmental disabilities population and I absolutely love my job. However, I am having so much trouble managing my time. I’m pretty busy and in between sessions I catch up on notes and always make sure to take a lunch every day, as well as short 10 minute breaks if I need to. I feel like I am constantly playing catch up and no matter how hard I bust my ass, I’m still doing notes on the weekends. Not to mention, I feel like a shitty professional because I don’t ever have time to read/keep up on research and techniques. Plus, all of the CEU’s! And I’m being trained in emdr! Any advice or suggestions on how to better manage my time and not feel like such a shit therapist? Thanks in advanced <3
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2022.01.18 14:01 CrankyOctopus69 Petition to become CEO of AT

Hi everyone, I’m petitioning to become CEO of Auckland Transport.
I feel that I am well qualified for this role as I don’t have a degree yet, but heavily rely on Auckland Transport to challenge my daily schedule to get in and out of CBD. Through these tough 8 years of using busses/trains/Uber, I have gotten the hang of how the business operates - just like in a cheeky casino run playing roulette, if you put all on red, the ball will land on green.
I did think of something which might have helped you out in preparation for Auckland businesses come back to life.
Please let me know if this idea suits the business and its needs.
Of course, an assumption with this idea is that AT has absolutely no clue what’s actually happening in Auckland - tragic.
With holiday season coming to an end, and most people going back to work on the 17th of Jan, a survey could’ve been sent out to all of your patrons from mid-December to ask your customers what bus routes/trains they would be on, and on what time of day. With this data, you would be better prepared to plan your routes and frequencies better to accommodate for the influx of passengers.
With this survey, you may also want to push some advertising, with some homely ending quote like “Let us help you prepare for your miserable journey back to work - please fill out this surgery so that we can prepare for you.”
For a business drowning in debt, I didn’t expect you to achieve worse, yet you surprisingly have.
Thank you for your consideration.
P.S imagine doing track repairs during the busy period after holidays rather than during the holidays…
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Can anyone teach me how to get the license file?
In the instruction, it says 'ensure that the field is filled in with 28000@nx.webstore.illinois.edu '

Thank you.
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I’m male 23 from the UK. Living in the midlands currently but from the north :)
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